Fragrance Oil

Candle Fragrance Oil

  • The essence of our good raw materials,is to give the product aroma, with aesthetic value.
  • Our company products have the characteristics of high quality,many kinds of fragrance and many choices.

  • In personal care products in the main play the role of fragrance products, withaesthetic value.Fragrance are concentrated aromatic oils that are synthesized to mimic the scent of fruits and natural spices. It's an artificial spice. It used in the manufacture of candles, soap, cosmetics and cigarettes.

    Floral fragrance

    DK-5912GardeniaFresh,sweet floral odor of gardenia with cool oceanic aroma and slight berry note.
    DK-5913JasmineFresh,sweet floral note of jasmine and muguet with slightly creamy note.
    DK-9606HoneysuckleFresh,elegent floral notes of honeysuckle .
    DK-9607LilacFresh, rich ,and long lasting lilac floral note.
    DK-9608LilyRefreshing floral notes of lily.
    DK-9609VioletFresh, green floral with attractive violet and light herbal notes
    DK-9610Sun flowerRefreshing fruity topnote with watery floral,woody musk note.
    DK-9612MagnoliaRich magnolia floral with refreshing citrus note.
    DK-9613ChrysanthemumFresh floral with herbaceous and delicate woody musk notes.
    DK-9638RoseFresh,rich floral notes of rose.
    DK-9710LavenderSpicy floral notes of lavander and natural foliage.
    DK-9892Sun flowerRich fruity berry note and sweet floral,reminiscent of sun flower and rose.

    Fruit fragrance

    DK-9201AAppleRich and ripe apple profile.
    DK-9202AStrawberryRich and sweet strawberry profile.
    DK-9226AGrapefruitFresh,bright fruity notes of grapefruit.
    DK-9238GuavaFresh fruity notes of guava.
    DK-9279CLemonFresh,bright fruity notes of lemon.
    DK-9293PlumFresh,sweet and fruity notes of plum.
    DK-9546AMandarineRipe,sweet and elegant mandarine profile.
    DK-9828Avocado figSweet fruity notes of pineapple with slight nut and fig.
    DK-9832CherryFresh,bland almond and cherry fruity profile.
    DK-9835AMangoFresh,ripe mango profile with peach note.
    DK-9841Ginger pearRich,bright ginger with slight pear notes.
    DK-9893RasberrySweet berry notes of rasberry.

    Food fragrance

    DK-9050HoneyBright and sweet honey with pleasant floral notes.
    DK-9052CinnamonTypical cinnamon odor.Spicy and long lasting.
    DK-9361Ginger breadWarm ginger with roast bread odor.
    DK-9375Hazelnut cappuccinoBright,strong hazelnut and cappuccino notes.
    DK-9379Spiced apple rumRich,ripe fruity notes of apple with slight alcohol.
    DK-9397Lemon-orange vanillaFresh,juicy fruity notes of lemon and orange with slight vanilla.
    DK-9401AVanillaTypical vanilla aroma.
    DK-9713PeppermintRefreshing, and long lasting peppermint odor with sweet accents.
    TMP-9717PumpkinRipe pumpkin with baked accents and a long lasting sweet note.
    DK-9719Coconut-mangoBright , clear and sweet odor of coconut and mango.
    DK-9864French vanillaRich vanilla with sweet creamy notes.
    DK-9839HazelnutSpicy,sweet hazelnut and slight cream notes.

    Perfume fragrance

    DK-9008Midsummer nightRich lavender fragrance with a graceful lily note.
    DK-9009StormFresh,bright grass with cool wood note ,like the rainwashed Jungle.
    DK-9022Cool waterRefreshing citrus herbal with a light floral note.
    DK-9023Dream angelColorful,powdery fragrancewith multiple floral notes.
    DK-9031Cool charmRrefreshing citrus character with herbaceous ,graceful notes.
    TMP-9033Ocean breezeBright and joyful fragrance, just as the ocean breeze.
    DK-9046AttractionTypical eucalyptus, rich and herbaceous with fresh rosemary notes.
    DK-9047ColongeFresh floral note with jasmin and sandalwood.
    DK-9048Dream angelBright and granceful floral with light, elegant gramineous note.
    DK-9049Dream ParisSweet and light floral note,graceful and long lasting.
    DK-9639Lily pondFresh lily note with citrus top and floral, sandalwood notes.
    DK-9751Green pineRich pine aroma with fresh herbaceous and woody notes.