Candle dye

Candle dye

We will pursue all kinds of art in our life. The art we pursue is a king of simple relaxation.

We make candles with all kinds of colors, and it can be used for candle products of the overall coloring. It can be used for candle products surface staining, our pigments with bright colors, strong fluorescence, good dispersion and so on.
Physical form
Colored powder
7-10.5(5g/100c water with wetting agents, 5g/100c
Boiling point
Not applicable
Melting point
Specific weight
Bulking value
0.4kg/l(freshly ground)
Solubility in water
Not soluble
Not applicable

Why choose us?

1. Our pigments are good raw materials, is the manufacture of paint, ink, oil paste,make-up paint,color paper and other indispensable raw ,materials, but also for plastics,candles and other filling and coloring.
2. Our pigment is a kind of visible light selective absorption and scattering of pigments, in natural light conditions can be yellow, red blue, green and other colors.
3. Our company has sufficient raw materials and fast delivery time.
4. Our company products have the characteristics of high quality,many kinds of colors and many choices.
5. The price of our dyestuff is favorable, and it will be more favorable if you order a large quantity.

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