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Best Quality SIS (Styrene Isoprene Block Copolymer) Raw Materials

SIS (Styrene Isoprene Block Copolymer)

General Description of SIS Series Products

SIS is styrene – isoprene block copolymer in the form of white porous particle or translucent compact particle, with features of good thermo-plasticity, high elasticity, good melt fluidity, good compatibility with tackifying resin, safe and non-toxic. It can be applied to the hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives; solvent cements, flexible printing plates, plastics and asphalt modification, and is the ideal raw materials of adhesives used to manufacture packing bags, sanitation supplies, double-sided adhesive tapes and labels.

Quality standard of SIS Series Products

GradeStructureBlock Ratio S/ISI Content %Tensile Strength MpaHardness Shore AMFR (g/10min,200C, 5kg)Toluene Solution Viscosity at 25C and 25%, mpa.s
1108Coupling linear16/8420104015850


Usage of SIS Series Products

  • SIS series products, or Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene block copolymers, find extensive applications across a wide range of industries.
  • They are commonly used as a raw material for the manufacture of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, solvent cements, flexible printing plates, plastics, and asphalt modification.
  • In addition to these applications, They are also ideal as raw materials for the production of adhesives used in manufacturing packing bags, sanitation supplies, double-sided adhesive tapes, and labels.
  • The unique properties of SIS, including good adhesive performance, high heat resistance, and excellent elasticity, make it a popular choice for a range of industrial applications.
1105Prepare general pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, with good initial adhesion and long adhesion time.
1106Prepare  pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and  label  paper, with good  initial adhesion and high peel strength.
1209Prepare hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives for sanitary supplies, with good cohesion, strong adhesion, low melt viscosity and good temperature tolerance.
1124Prepare pressure-sensitive tapes for label paper, with good initial adhesion and good cutting performance.
1126Prepare pressure-sensitive tapes for label paper, with good initial adhesion and good cutting performance, meeting the requirements of automatic die cutting.
4019Prepare   pressure-sensitive  adhesive  tapes  and  label   paper,  with  strong adhesion,   low   melt   viscosity,   good   heat   resistance,   and   good   cutting performance.
1125Prepare   hot-melt   adhesives  for   sanitary   supplies   and   pressure-sensitive adhesives for  label  paper, with good comprehensive  performance and good heat resistance.
1128Prepare  pressure-sensitive  adhesives  for  label  (trademark)  paper, with  very good initial adhesion, good cutting performance and low melt viscosity.
1125HPrepare  hot-melt  adhesives  for  high-grade  paper  diapers,  with  low  melt viscosity, outstanding heat resistance, and good aging resistance.
1108Prepare hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives and printing films, and coupling process is adopted to eliminate the macromolecules in the product; with uniform melting, moderate initial adhesion and strong adhesion, and good peel strength when  preparing  the  pressure-sensitive  adhesives;  and  with  good  fluidity, uniform, transparent, and low hardness when preparing the printing films.
4016Prepare   easy-to-cut   hot-melt   pressure-sensitive   adhesives,   meeting   the production requirements of high-end trademark paper, with good initial adhesion and good wettability to base materials.
2036Prepare high-performance hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives to be used for adhesive  tapes  and  label  paper,  with  excellent  high  and  low-temperature performance.

Packaging of SIS Series Products

SIS products, or Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene block copolymers, are commonly packaged and stored in two different ways.

  • The first method is in 20kg paper-plastic packaging bags. These bags are designed to protect the SIS material from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that may affect its quality. The combination of paper and plastic provides durability and enhances the safety of the product during transportation and storage.
  • The second method is in 520kg polypropylene container bags, which are designed for larger volumes of SIS products. These bags are made of high-quality polypropylene material and are widely used for the storage and transportation of various industrial materials. The strong and durable bags are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the SIS material remains safe and secure during transportation and storage. The container bags are easily stackable and easy to handle, making them a convenient option for larger volumes of SIS products.
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