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Sinopec Thermoplastic Rubber SBS

SBS(Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer)

General Description of SBS Series Products

SBS is styrene -butadiene block copolymer in the form of whiteporous particle or powder, with advantages of elasticity of rubber and workability of plastics, also with good low-temperature resistance, good air permeability and wet skid resistance. It can be widely applied to the materials of shoe sole, plastic modification, binding agent and asphalt modification.

Quality standard of SBS Series Products

GradeStructureS/BTensile Strength MpaHardness Shore AMFR (g/10min,200C,5kg)Toluene Solution Viscosity at 25C and 25%, mpa.s
YH- 188/ 188ELinear34/6626856
Road modification -2#Star-shaped29/7115720.051,050*

Usage of SBS Series Products

SBS, short for styrene-butadiene-styrene, is a polymer material that can be widely applied in various fields. Particularly, SBS is commonly used in shoe sole materials, plastic modification, binding agents, and asphalt modification.

  • In shoe sole materials, SBS is a high-quality rubber material that is soft, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and slip-resistant, making it widely used in sports shoes, work shoes, and boots.
  • In plastic modification, SBS can improve the toughness, strength, and elongation of plastics, making them more durable and adaptable to various industries, such as automotive parts and engineering machinery.
  • In binding agents, SBS can be a high-quality adhesive for various materials in construction, electric power, textile, and printing industries due to its excellent bonding performance and durability.
  • In asphalt modification, SBS can improve the stability and durability of asphalt, making it more suitable for high-speed highways, airport runways, and roof waterproofing. As a result, SBS is widely used in road, construction, and engineering projects.

Different types of SBS products have their unique advantages and characteristics in each application area. Therefore, selecting suitable SBS products according to specific application requirements is crucial.

GradeMain Application
YH-792/792ESolvent adhesive, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, plastics modification.
YH-791/791ESolvent adhesive, plastics modification, asphalt modification.
YH-791HAsphalt modification, solvent adhesive.
YH-796/796ESolvent adhesive, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.
YH- 188/188ETransparent toys, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, plastics modification.
Road modification -2#Asphalt modification, solvent adhesive.
YH-803Waterproof membrane.
YH-788Transparent toys, shoemaking.
YH-4306Asphalt modification.

Packaging of SBS Series Products

  1. SBS products can be packaged in three different ways: 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg paper-plastic packaging bags.
  2. The paper-plastic packaging bag is a combination of kraft paper and plastic material, which provides excellent protection against moisture, tearing, and punctures. The bags are designed with a top loading and heat-sealed closure for easy handling and storage.
  3. The 15kg packaging is ideal for smaller batches or applications that require precise quantities, while the 20kg and 25kg packaging options are better suited for larger applications where more material is needed.
  4. The packaging provides a convenient and effective way to transport and store SBS products, ensuring their quality and performance are maintained during storage and transit.
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