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Polyethylene Glycol

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Polyethylene Glycol

Description of Polyethylene Glycol

Poly(ethylene glycol) is a polymer with the chemical formula HO(CH2CH2O)nH. Its properties vary according to its molecular weight, from a colourless and odourless viscous liquid to a waxy solid. It is a liquid at room temperature with a molecular weight of 200 to 600, and gradually becomes a semi-solid with a molecular weight above 600, with different properties depending on the average molecular weight. From colourless and odourless viscous liquids to waxy solids. As the molecular weight increases, its hygroscopic capacity decreases accordingly. The product is soluble in water, ethanol and many other organic solvents. It has a low vapour pressure and is stable to heat, acids and bases. It does not interact with many chemicals. It has good hygroscopicity, lubricity and bonding properties. Non-toxic and non-irritating.

Properties of Polyethylene Glycol

This product is white granular. Soluble in water, soluble in some organic solvents. Its solution has high viscosity at low concentration, and can be processed by calendering, extrusion, casting, etc. It is a thermoplastic resin with good compatibility with other resins. It is resistant to bacterial erosion and has weak hygroscopicity in the atmosphere.

Indicators/varietiesAppearanceMelting point/℃pHAverage molecular weightViscosity/mPasHydroxyl value
PEG-200Colourless and clear-50±26.0-8.0190-21022-23534-590
PEG-400Colourless and clear5±26.0-8.0380-42037-45268-294
PEG-600Colourless and clear20±26.0-8.0570-6301.9-2.1178-196
PEG-800White paste28±26.0-8.0760-8402.2-2.4133-147
PEG-1000White waxy37±26.0-8.0950-10502.4-3.0107-118
PEG-1500White waxy46±26.0-8.01425-15753.2-4.571-79
PEG-2000White solid51±26.0-8.01800-22005.0-6.751-62
PEG-4000White solid55±26.0-8.03600-44008.0-1125-32
PEG-6000White solid57±26.0-8.05500-750012.0-16.015-20
PEG-8000White solid60±26.0-8.07500-850016.0-18.012-25
PEG-10000White solid61±26.0-8.08600-1050019.0-21.08-11

Applications of Polyethylene Glycol

  • PEG-200: It can be used as a medium for organic synthesis and a heat carrier with high requirements. It is used as a humectant, inorganic salt solubilizer and viscosity adjuster in the daily chemical industry; as a softener and antistatic agent in the textile industry; as a wetting agent in the paper and pesticide industry.
  • PEG-400: PEG-400 is most suitable for softgels. As PEG-400 is a liquid, it has a wide range of compatibility with various solvents and is a good solvent and solubiliser, and is widely used in liquid formulations, such as oral liquids and eye drops. PEG is the material of choice when vegetable oils are not suitable as a carrier for active ingredients.
  • PEG-1000, PEG-1500: used as a base or lubricant and softener in the pharmaceutical, textile and cosmetic industries; used as a dispersant in the paint industry to improve the water dispersibility and flexibility of resins, with a dosage of 10-30%; used to improve the solubility of dyestuffs and reduce their volatility in printing ink, especially in wax paper and printing ink, also used to adjust the consistency of ink in biros ink. It is also used as a dispersant in the rubber industry to promote vulcanisation and as a dispersant for carbon black filling materials.
  • PEG-2000, PEG-3000: used as metal processing casting agent, lubricant and cutting fluid for metal drawing, stamping or forming, grinding cooling lubricating polishing agent, welding agent, etc.; used as lubricant in paper industry, etc., also used as hot melt adhesive to increase fast rewetting ability.
  • PEG-4000, PEG-6000: good coating material, hydrophilic polishing material, film and capsule material, plasticizer, lubricant and drip matrix for the preparation of tablets, pills, capsules, microcapsules, etc. Used as a finishing agent in the paper industry to increase the gloss and smoothness of paper; as an additive in the rubber industry to increase the lubricity and plasticity of rubber products, reduce the power consumption during processing and extend the service life of rubber products.

Applications of PEG-4000 in rubber

  1. Processing auxiliaries – when used in tyres and rubber moulded products, PEG-4000 has a good lubricating effect, increases the speed of the rubber pressed out, improves demoulding, and makes the surface of the product smooth and helps the water to drain out during vulcanisation.
  2. Vulcanisation activator – plays the role of regulating the combination of raw rubber and filler (especially white), and improves the vulcanisation rate.
  3. Active agent of acid seasoning – can be used as a treatment agent for silica to activate the vulcanization system and accelerate the vulcanization speed and crosslink density.
  4. Activating and dispersing agent – when used as activating and dispersing agent in rubber materials with various fillers and colours, it can reduce or eliminate the influence of fillers on vulcanisation, make various auxiliaries evenly dispersed and prolong the scorching time, and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber products; in various coloured rubber products, it can make the products brightly coloured

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