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Paraffin wax in china

Wholesale Paraffin wax

Features of Paraffin wax in china

  • Lower oil content( normally less than 0.5%).
  • This white soft transparent paraffin wax is of good color( transparent white).
  • Good stability high hardness and high wear resistance.
  • The carbon number distribution of this solid paraffin wax is narrow and the temperature sensitivity is sharp.

Paraffin wax in china Specification

OUR Products
ItemMelting point °COil content (%)Penetration(25℃)OriginalInspection report
KunLun FR WAX 54/5655.60.6417FushunCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 56/5857.20.5519FushunCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 58/6058.550.4219FushunCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 60/6260.30.718FushunCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 64/6664.80.2917FushunCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 56/5856.60.4519DalianCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 58/6058.650.3416DalianCOA MSDS
KunLun FR WAX 58/60590.519DaqingCOA MSDS
KunLun SR WAX 58/6059.20.8519DaqingCOA MSDS
Kunlun Slack wax 58/6059.50.9DaqingCOA MSDS
Dongke FR WAX 54/5655.60.6417FushunCOA MSDS
Dongke FR WAX 56/5857.20.5519FushunCOA MSDS
Dongke FR WAX 58/6058.550.4219FushunCOA MSDS
Dongke FR WAX 60/6260.30.718FushunCOA MSDS
Dongke FR WAX 64/6664.80.2917FushunCOA MSDS
Kunlun SR wax 54/5655.90.8817JingmenCOA MSDS
Kunlun SR wax 56/5857.41.119JingmenCOA MSDS
Kunlun Slack wax 58/6058.61.2JingmenCOA MSDS
Dongke Soft wax 48/5048.20.6JingmenCOA MSDS

Paraffin wax in china Uses

The most common use of paraffin wax is to make candles. It is an excellent ingredient for making custom scented candles, and they also burn brighter than other types of candles. Candle makers use different types of paraffin wax to make different candles.

Water resistance is a natural property of paraffin wax. Therefore, it can be used to coat and waterproof a variety of items such as wood, bottles and matches.

Paraffin wax is used as the main ingredient when making crayons. Crayons have a waxy texture because of the presence of paraffin wax. To make crayons, paraffin wax is mixed with different colours and moulded into different shapes.

Paraffin wax acts as a lubricant and is used in many products to reduce friction. Many skateboarders and snowboarders use paraffin wax on the bottom of their boards to reduce friction.

Have you noticed the shiny surfaces of chocolates and candies? Paraffin wax is added to these and other foods to give them a nice shine. The type of paraffin used in these foods must be approved by the FDA to ensure that it is edible and safe to eat.

Many fruits and vegetables are also coated with paraffin to retain moisture and extend shelf life.

Paraffin wax has been proven to be very beneficial to the skin as it moisturises and protects your skin. This is the reason why paraffin wax has become a common ingredient in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Paraffin is also used in a variety of personal care products due to its property of being absorbed by the skin.

  • Paraffin wax is commonly used in a variety of building supplies. Materials as diverse as drywall, PVC pipes and plasterboard all contain paraffin.
  • Paraffin wax serves to protect these materials from corrosion or damage from other causes. It also helps in treating already porous materials.

The use of paraffin wax for various medical purposes is also common. This wax has several therapeutic properties and is an important ingredient in many medicines. Paraffin wax is also used to treat inflammation, massage, dry skin, joint pain and muscle stiffness.

Benefits of Using Paraffin wax in china

  1. It is a cost-effective material that is versatile and easy to use.
  2. It is low odour and non-toxic, making it suitable for use in a wide range of consumer products.
  3. It has a long shelf life and is resistant to moisture and other environmental factors, making it a durable material suitable for a variety of applications.

Packaging and Storage of Paraffin wax in china

As one of the most professional fully refined paraffin wax manufacturers in China, we offer 50kgs woven bag and 25kgs carton with plastic waterproof outer lining, and store indoors to isolate the influence of sunlight and temperature on refined paraffin wax.


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