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EMC Ethyl Methyl Carbonate
EMC Ethyl Methyl Carbonate


Product description

It is a colourless, transparent liquid with an odour similar to that of a mixture of ethanol and acetone. It is soluble in water, but also in most organic solvents such as alcohols, ethers, benzene and chloroform. Isopropanol is an important chemical product and raw material. It is mainly used in the paint, pharmaceutical, pesticide and cosmetic industries, as well as in the production of acetone, isopropyl esters, isopropylamine (raw material for atrazine), diisopropyl ether, isopropyl acetate and muscimol.

CAS No67-63-0
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Molecular FormulaC3H8O
Hazard RiskFlammable liquid

Product application

It is mainly used as a dehydrating agent and cleaning agent in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plastic, fragrance, paint and electronic industries.

  1. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) has a wide range of uses as an organic raw material and solvent. As a chemical raw material, it can be used to produce acetone, hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, diisobutyl ketone, isopropylamine, isopropyl ether, isopropyl chloride, as well as isopropyl esters of fatty acids and isopropyl esters of chlorinated fatty acids. In fine chemicals, it is used for the production of isopropyl nitrate, isopropyl xanthate, triisopropyl phosphite, aluminium isopropoxide, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, as well as diisopropylacetone, isopropyl acetate and muscimol, and as a gasoline additive.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as a solvent is a relatively inexpensive solvent for industrial use, it is widely used, can be mixed freely with water and is more soluble than ethanol for lipophilic substances. It can be used in the production of paints, inks, extractants, aerosols, etc. It is also used as an antifreeze agent, cleaning agent, additive in gasoline blending, dispersant in the production of pigments, fixing agent in the printing and dyeing industry, anti-fogging agent for glass and transparent plastics, etc. It is also used as a diluent for adhesives, as antifreeze and as a dehydrating agent.

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Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
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