Petroleum Jelly White

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Petroleum Jelly White
Petroleum Jelly White

CAS: 8009-03-8
EINECS: 232-373-2
Density: 0.84
Melting point: 70-80 °C ((ASTM D 127))
Boiling point: 322 °C
Flash point: 198 °C
Refractive index: 0
Product use: raw materials for ointments and raw materials for cosmetics

alias:cosmoline、creamwhite、extraamber、mineralfat、mineraljelly、paraffinjelly、pennsolinesoftyellow、penrecowhite、Vaseline oil(Ⅰ)、Petrolatum


  • This product is a soft white to yellowish homogeneous substance; odorless or almost odorless; slippery in contact with the skin; stringy.
  • This product is slightly soluble in ether and almost insoluble in ethanol or water.

Relative density: The relative density of this product (general rule 0601) is 0.815 ~ 0.880 at 60°C.
Melting point: The melting point of this product (general rule 0612) is 45~60°C.


  • Take 2.0 g of this product, melt it, add 2 ml of water and 0.2 ml of 0.05mol/L iodine solution, shake and cool, the upper layer should be purple-pink or brown.
  • The infrared absorption spectrum of this product should be consistent with that of the reference substance (membrane method) (General Rule 0402).


Pharmaceutical excipients, ointment bases and lubricants, etc.

  • Sealed and protected from light.