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The woodworking industry is an ever-growing industry that is constantly in need of materials that can improve the appearance of wood. Polishing wax, commonly known as wood wax, is a popular product in the woodworking industry.

At Dongke Group, we supply and provide a wide range of products that are absolutely necessary to improve the finish of wood products. Because there are so many different waxes available for different types of wood, it can be difficult to choose and figure out which wax to use.

Each wax gives the word specific properties and finishes that can improve its appearance and durability.

Let’s take a look at the many types of wood waxes and the best wax available for your business needs.

What is wood wax?

Wood wax is a typical product of the woodworking industry, often used in combination with varnishes and paints. However, wood wax provides better protection than any other coating.

A thin layer of wax applied to the entire surface of wood products is usually enough to protect them from moisture and natural wear and tear. Wax also helps the wood retain its colour over time.

There are several types of wood waxes available, made from a mixture of Brazilian carnauba wax and paraffin wax. These are usually mixed with other standard paints to enhance the colour of the wood. This combination of waxes most effectively seals and repels moisture and harmful substances that can otherwise permanently damage the wood.

What are the advantages of wood wax?

Most commercially available wood waxes are translucent and are often used to produce highly transparent coatings for standard items.

Using wax to polish wood products has a number of benefits, ranging from aesthetic to increasing the longevity of the furniture.

  • Preserves the elasticity of wood: Wood wax is usually an oil or wax-based substance with a microporous structure. The microporous nature of wood helps furniture to retain its flexibility and also greatly improves the overall appearance and colour of the wood.
  • Protecting items from dust: the general use of wood wax helps to keep the wood free from dirt and dust. The light coating provides protection to the furniture or wood product from everyday dirt and stains.
  • Prevent warping: wood products can lose their shape and structure over time due to environmental changes. Expansion and shrinkage are the most common deformations that can occur when exposed to moisture or heat. Transparent layers of wood wax allow products to breathe and prevent all deformations that reduce their authenticity and shelf life.
  • Wide range of colours: wood wax is available in a wide range of colours and options, offering many possibilities to change the appearance of the wood after finishing.
  • Smooth and shiny appearance: the clear wood wax coating makes wooden furniture more attractive and creates a very smooth satin finish that undoubtedly accentuates the colour and texture of wooden products.

What is the best wax for wood?

There are several types of wax, each with its own set of qualities that give a different texture and lustre to hardwood objects. But with so many options, it’s reasonable to wonder which wax is best for woodwork.

Although there are other popular waxes such as paraffin wax or natural wax, slack wax  is considered the best wax for woodwork. We are a leading supplier of slack wax in the USA for many industries.

  • Slack wax a is often created from a combination of paraffin wax and oil derived from crude oil. The standard oil content of this wax is approximately 10-15%, making it ideal for use as a wood finishing wax.
  • Paraffin wax is a by-product of the refining process of various lubricating oils. This wax is yellow to brown in colour and is divided into several grades.
  • These grades are determined by the melting points of the wax. slack wax  paraffin wax is subdivided into two grades or types:
  • The lighter grades include waxes with melting points of 50-52 degrees Celsius.
  • The heavier waxes have a melting point of 53 to 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Both varieties of slack wax a can be used in woodworking and are equally effective.

What qualities does Slack wax have that make it ideal for woodworking?

Slack wax has a number of qualities that make it ideal for woodworking.

  • Water resistance: Slack wax can protect products from moisture and water when applied to them. The monomolecular structure of Slack wax accounts for the water resistance of the wax. Generally, it is believed that slaking wax is the best ingredient for water repellent properties.
  • Low Density: Because wax has a low density, it is ideal for use in the woodworking industry. It can be easily applied as a light coat and finish on top of wood products.

Other properties include:

  • Thermal insulation: This wax is also known to be a great thermal insulator.
  • Electrical insulation
  • Lubrication

Why does Dongke Group produce wood wax?

  • We strive for excellence and purity
  • Well-known suppliers of the best grades of wood wax
  • Best wholesale price on the market


Which wax is good for finishing wood items?

Slack wax is one of the best waxes for top coating wooden items among the many available. This wax has various properties that make it an ideal substance, including water resistance and low density.

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