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Introduction to Paraffin Wax

Introduction to paraffin

بلا شك الشمع الأكثر إثارة للجدل في السوق اليوم. غالبًا ما يتم انتقاد البارافين لكونه غير آمن, لكنها تظل واحدة من أشهر أنواع الشموع. يتم الحصول عليه من منتج ثانوي لمصفاة البترول يسمى الركود.

Paraffin has been around longer than natural waxes such as soy, coconut or beeswax, so it is almost an established working material, but with well-known problems and limitations. At Dongke Group we offer a wide range of paraffins for candle making. If you are looking to buy paraffin wax for candles in bulk, لا مزيد من البحث. Please contact us today for more details.

ما هو البارافين?

Paraffin is a petroleum by-product obtained when crude oil is filtered into gasoline. It is a white, odorless solid that is shaped into ten-pound slabs. Paraffin is one of the most common waxes on the market. Paraffin is the most commonly used wax in candle making. It is also known as petroleum wax and is also economical as it is used as a raw material for petroleum products.

Types of paraffin

Low-melting paraffin. Wax with a melting point below 130°F. This wax is soft and adheres well to the sides of containers. لذلك, they are the best choice for container candles and tea lights.

Paraffin with a high melting point. Paraffin wax with a melting point greater than 130°F. This wax is harder and therefore provides structural rigidity for use in candles and pillars.

Why use paraffin?

There is a lot of information on making paraffin candles.

Most candle scents and dyes are paraffin-based, so the effects are real (note: our fragrance oils and dyes also work very well with natural waxes).

Correct attractive appearancewill not freeze like natural wax.

General characteristics

Paraffin is extremely versatile. Paraffin wax can be used to make any candle, just figure out what “type” of paraffin wax works best for you. Softer blends are some of the best for containers and scented candles because they flow more freely. Harder mixtures usually require re-pouring as they set morehardthan softer waxes, but work well with candles that need to be durable, such as pillar and scented candles.

Paraffin waxes also typically have a richer color range than soy or other waxes due to their lower opacity and frost resistance. People also know that it has one of the best, if not the best, fragrance delivery capabilities of any wax on the market. Obviously, odor release is a subjective topic, so buyer beware.

Another thing to note is that many waxes on the market are not actually “pure wax”…they are sometimes mixed with various additives to improve performance, متانة, or other reasons. There are many different varieties of paraffin on the marketthe dirt in the paraffin causes it to behave in a certain way and that is what sets these waxes apart.

Unlike natural waxes, paraffin does not have strict curing requirements. Fragrance projection will result in the design being completed in hours rather than weeks or months. This depends on the conditions and wax and is best determined by the candle maker based on experience. The crystalline structure of natural wax is not very strong and hardens over time. Paraffin in its finished form is much harder and reacts little when melting and re-hardening.

Choose the right paraffin

Not all paraffins are created equally. Container candles are best done with some variation, while votives or pillars require a different variation. Choosing the right wax can be difficult if you’re just starting out and don’t know which properties are critical to the products you make.


We supply high quality paraffin for candle manufacturers. We are committed to providing the best grade of paraffin wax for your business needs. Our priority is to provide high quality paraffin wax you can trust us. We can easily meet your company’s requirements. Contact us today to get the highest quality paraffin wax at affordable prices.

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يرجى ترك استفسارك وهاتفك. سنقدم لك ردود الفعل في الداخل 12 ساعات.
يرجى ترك استفسارك وهاتفك. سنقدم لك ردود الفعل في الداخل 12 ساعات.
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