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How to make soy wax?
How to make soy wax

Best way to melt soy wax

Why need to melt the soy wax?

Soy wax, like other types of candle wax, needs to be melted before it’s poured into a candle mold or container to create a candle. There are several reasons for melting soy wax:

  1. Uniform Mixing: Soy wax typically comes in solid flakes or blocks. Melting the wax allows it to become a liquid, ensuring that any additives, fragrances, or colorants are evenly mixed throughout the wax. This results in consistent color and scent distribution in the final candle.
  2. Mold Filling: Melting the wax makes it easier to pour into molds or containers. The liquid wax can take the shape of the mold accurately, resulting in a well-formed and visually appealing candle.
  3. Adhesion: When the melted wax solidifies, it adheres to the wick and the sides of the container. This creates a stable base for the wick and prevents it from moving or floating while the candle burns.
  4. Air Bubbles: Melting the wax helps to eliminate or reduce air bubbles that could form when pouring solid wax directly into a mold. Air bubbles could affect the appearance and structural integrity of the candle.
  5. Consistency: Melting the wax allows you to achieve a consistent and smooth texture throughout the candle. This enhances the overall quality and aesthetic appeal of the finished product.
  6. Fragrance Diffusion: If you’re adding fragrance to your candle, melting the wax allows the fragrance oil to blend evenly with the wax. This ensures that the scent is distributed uniformly when the candle is burned.
Best way to melt soy wax
Best way to melt soy wax

In summary, melting soy wax serves practical purposes such as achieving consistent color and scent distribution, creating well-formed candles, ensuring proper adhesion of the wick, and controlling the temperature for optimal results.

How to melt the soy wax?

Melting soy wax is a relatively simple process, but it’s important to follow safety precautions and use the appropriate equipment. Here’s a basic guide on how to melt soy wax:

What You'll Need:

  • Soy wax flakes or blocks
  • Double boiler or microwave-safe container
  • Heat-resistant stirring utensil (such as a wooden stick or spoon)
  • Thermometer (candy or candle-making thermometer)

Prepare Your Work Area:

  • Choose a clean and well-ventilated workspace.
  • Cover your work surface with newspaper or a disposable tablecloth to catch any wax spills.

Measure Wax:

Calculate the amount of soy wax you’ll need based on the size of your mold or container. Measure out slightly more wax than needed to account for potential wastage.

Set Up the Double Boiler (Recommended) or Microwave:

  • Double Boiler: Fill the bottom of a double boiler with water and place it on the stove. Place the top part of the double boiler on top.
  • Microwave: Use a microwave-safe container to melt the wax in short intervals to avoid overheating.

Melt the Wax:

  • Double Boiler: Place the measured soy wax into the top part of the double boiler. Heat the water in the bottom part over medium-low heat. Stir occasionally as the wax melts.
  • Microwave: Place the wax in the microwave-safe container and heat it in short bursts (e.g., 30-second intervals), stirring between each interval. Be cautious not to overheat the wax.

Use a Thermometer:

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Use the Wax Melting Machine

Using a wax melting machine can simplify the process of melting soy wax for candle making. These machines are designed specifically for melting and maintaining the optimal temperature for various types of waxes. Here’s how to use a wax melting machine:

What You’ll Need:

Wax melting machine
Soy wax flakes or blocks


Set Up the Wax Melting Machine:

Place the wax melting machine on a stable and heat-resistant surface.
Plug in the machine and turn it on.

Add Soy Wax:

Open the lid of the melting machine.
Pour the measured soy wax flakes or blocks into the machine’s melting pot. Be sure not to overfill it.

Melt the Wax:

Close the lid of the melting machine to retain heat.
Adjust the temperature settings on the machine based on the manufacturer’s instructions. The temperature for melting soy wax is typically around 120-180°F (49-82°C).
Allow the machine to melt the wax. The process may take some time, depending on the quantity of wax.

Choose the small soy wax

The last way to melt wax is to use small pieces of soy wax. When the volume is smaller, it will absorb heat faster, and the contact surface will be more, and the melting will be faster.At present, our most recommended is flake soybean wax

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