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Wax is a product widely used in people’s lives. It is closely related to our life and is inseparable. In addition, candles are also widely used: they are also used in activities such as birthday parties, religious festivals, collective mourning, and weddings and funerals. The domestic wax industry utilizing the by-products of oil processing has gradually formed a new industry, which promotes the development of related industries.

At present, the raw material for making candles is mainly paraffin wax extracted from petroleum. Paraffin wax is obtained from the waxy fraction of petroleum by cold pressing or solvent dewaxing. It is a mixture of several higher alkanes, mainly n-docosane (c22h46) and n-octadecane (c28h58), containing about 85% carbon elements and about 14% hydrogen elements. Added auxiliary materials include white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, essence, etc., among which stearic acid (c17h35cooh) is mainly used to improve softness. This raw material has two major disadvantages: 1. It is easy to smoke when ignited, and produces impurities and e-liquid. The e-liquid contains low-grade formaldehyde, which causes environmental pollution and harm to the human body. Especially in churches, thousands of candles are lit every day, and a large amount of black smoke is generated, which seriously pollutes the historical relics in the churches. 2. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource, which causes a waste of resources. With the acceleration of industrialization, the demand for petroleum is in short supply. The price of paraffin extracted from non-renewable resource petroleum is also showing an upward trend. This also has a chain reaction to the increase in the production cost of products such as paraffin candles.

Based on the above-mentioned shortcomings, more and more manufacturers have begun to use soybean wax to prepare candles. So what is soy wax and what are its benefits?

Soy wax is refined from hydrogenated soybean oil and is a pure natural vegetable wax.

So soybean wax is a kind of vegetable wax (vegetable wax refers to the waxy substance extracted from vegetable oil, which can be called vegetable wax). In addition to soybean wax, palm wax, coconut wax, rapeseed wax, rice bran wax, etc. are also vegetable waxes. Vegetable wax is widely used in daily life.


Compared with paraffin wax, candles have the following advantages.


At the dinner table: Paraffin candles emit toxic chemicals that can overpower the aroma of food. Unscented soy candles burn longer and won’t interfere with the smell or taste of the food you’re enjoying.


In terms of energy sustainability: unlike paraffin, which is extracted from non-renewable petroleum, soybean is a renewable resource. From an energy use standpoint, when possible, choose candle brands that use sustainably grown soy, such as Linna.


Air quality: Compared with paraffin wax, all-natural soy candles burn more fully, without black smoke and residue. This results in better overall air quality in your home.


Cleanability: Soy wax is biodegradable, so if it gets spilled on tablecloths or clothing, it tends to clean up easier than paraffin wax.


BURNING: Soy candles burn cleaner and more completely than paraffin. The British “Daily Mail” reported: Many paraffin candles contain synthetic fragrances and dyes, which emit harmful particulate matter when heated.


Recycled: Soy candles are non-toxic, renewable and recyclable. Plus, you can reuse soy candles in glass containers.


Fragrance: Because of the slow burn time of soy candles, they release their essential oils for many hours, with a mild, diffuse fragrance rather than a powerful explosion of synthetic fragrance scents. Candles with plant- and flower-derived scents, or “aromatherapy,” are an all-time favorite.


Cost: While soy candles tend to be more expensive, they tend to burn longer. Soy candles often win out when you factor in burn time.


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