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What machines do you need to make candles?

The main raw material for producing candles is paraffin, the auxiliary raw material is stearic acid, and the raw materials include beeswax, essence, pigment, metal salt, etc. The machine for producing candles is a candle machine, generally 10 types, 20 types, 40 types, 50 types, Type 60, Type 70, Type 80, Type 90, Type 100, Type 120, etc., the candles produced by each type of single machine are 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 pcs, 100 pcs, 120 pcs, etc.

To make candles, we can use different candle making machines ,mainly include manual and automatic ones .

Here firstly ,tealight candle making machine :


1. Purpose

This machine is a special equipment for producing extruded candles with granular wax powder as raw material. It mainly produces tea wax, small cylinder wax, and can also be used

Water float wax and special-shaped cup wax can be customized according to customers’ special needs.

2. Features

1. This machine can automatically complete a complete production process of feeding, filling, extrusion and wax block output.

2. The feeding device is a three-piece split structure, equipped with a vibration device, a flow control valve and a viewing window, which enhances the safety of feeding.


3. It adopts rotary operation and two-way butt joint extrusion. The wax block produced has a smooth surface, uniform density and no burr, and the thread hole is transparent, which can be matched with the automatic production line.

4. The amount of powder injection can be fine-tuned during the operation of the machine to ensure the stability of the candle weight.

5. The upper and lower punch rolling rollers are imported products with high strength and durability.

6. The whole machine is compact and reasonable in structure, small in size, safe to use, and easy to operate and maintain.

7. Equipped with output accumulation function, the output quantity can be checked at any time.

Secondly here is the Pillar candle making machine

2010-7-7 13-02-56_0040副本修改

1. Feeding: The feeder (sliding material box) moves forward to add wax powder into the forming tube. The feed height (the amount of wax powder added) is determined by the position of the extrusion die (lower punch).

2. Pre-pressure (as shown in Figure 1-3 above): The feeder moves backward, and the closed mold (upper punch) enters the forming tube slightly to block the forming tube. The lower punch moves upwards to pre-press the wax powder. The free end of the wax wick is fixed to the bottom of the candle by wax powder.

3. Stamping (as shown in Figure 4-5 above): the upper punch and the lower punch move together, and the candle pressing is completed.

4. Push out the candle (as shown in Figure 6-7 above): After the upper punch is fully lifted upward, the lower punch moves upward to push the candle out of the forming tube. After the clamp is removed

and the candle is grasped, the lower punch runs downward, the wax core is in a free state, and the cutter cuts off the wax core. Then the clamp is turned 180 degrees, and the candle is neatly placed on the conveyor belt with the wax wick up (completes a working cycle).

Except automatic candle making machine, we have manual candle making machine too ,with different production capability

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