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Which is better soy wax or paraffin wax?
Paraffin waxes
What is paraffin wax advantage and disadvantage?

Which is better paraffin wax or beeswax?

Introduction to beeswax

Beeswax, known as yellow wax and beeswax. Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted by four pairs of wax glands in the abdomen of worker bees of the right age in the bee colony. Beeswax is divided into beeswax and white beeswax. The price is high. High-quality beeswax has a honey fragrance and is natural and environmentally friendly. It is mainly used to increase the hardness and density of the wax. Like ordinary soft soybean wax, it can be mixed with beeswax to prolong the burning time of the finished product.

At the same time, because beeswax has a high melting point, is relatively hard, brittle, and shrinks very much when it is cold, it is easy to take off the cup and deform when making cup wax. Generally, it is 2:1 with soybean wax or 3:1 ratio mixed use. Increase the smoothness of the wax surface, and it will not make the scented candles of pure soybean wax too soft.


Introduction to paraffin wax

Paraffin wax, also known as crystal wax, is a non-polar solvent soluble in gasoline, carbon disulfide, xylene, ether, benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, naphtha, etc., and insoluble in polar solvents such as water and methanol .

Each type of wax is divided into different varieties according to the melting point, generally every 2°C, such as 52, 54, 56, 58 and other grades. Crude paraffin has a high oil content and is mainly used in the manufacture of matches, fiberboards, tarpaulins, etc. Fully refined paraffin wax and semi-refined paraffin wax are widely used, mainly used as components and packaging materials of food, oral medicine and some commodities (such as wax paper, crayons, candles, carbon paper), coating materials for baking containers, and used for fruit preservation , Insulation of electrical components, improvement of rubber aging resistance and flexibility. It can also be used for oxidation to generate synthetic fatty acids.

The melting point of beeswax is relatively low, and its melting rate and solidification rate are relatively slow; in contrast, paraffin wax has a relatively high melting point, and its melting rate and solidification rate are relatively fast.

Applications of beeswax

  1. Bees wax can be used In the food industry, beeswax is used as an important material and release agent in the food industry because of its good plasticity, detachment, film-forming and waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-oxidative deterioration. Coatings, packaging and outerwear.
  2. In the pharmaceutical industry, the most significant effect of beeswax is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The antibacterial ingredients rich in beeswax can inhibit and kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, beeswax also has a good effect on removing putrefaction and promoting muscle growth. Beeswax can be used to make dental casting wax, base wax, sticky wax, and the shell of pills; it also has a certain therapeutic effect on trauma such as mild trauma, burns, scalds, etc. (generally, melted beeswax is used for external use).
  3. In the cosmetics manufacturing industry, because the various antioxidant components contained in beeswax can effectively remove excess free radicals in the body, at the same time, the vitamins and aromatic substances contained in beeswax can keep the skin soft and moist, and the antibacterial components contained in beeswax can inhibit and kill Kill bacteria on the surface of the skin and promote skin cell regeneration, so many beauty products contain beeswax, such as bath liquid, lipstick, rouge, etc.;
  4. In the candle processing industry, various types of candles can be manufactured with beeswax as the main raw material;

For paraffin wax , it is mainly in candle making industry ,so it is cheaper than paraffin wax

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