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Advantages of Soy Wax
Advantages of Soy Wax
Candle making machine for sale
About candle making machine for sale and price

About wax candle making machines

About the waxing process of candle machine

  1.  Follow wax: Add some water to the pot, put the solid paraffin into the pot (can melt the paraffin into wax water), melt it into liquid wax water until the pot is added to the configuration pigment color.
  2. Pour wax: Put the prepared wax water into the container (one bite), cool for a period of time without having to take a long time. Pour the wax water from one end of the candle machine into the machine. Don’t be too fast, otherwise it will not be easy to mold.
  3. Cooling mold: Enter the circulating water (open the water inlet switch) until the wax water becomes solid. Press the wax water, don’t be too hard, otherwise it is not easy to peel off. Cut the cotton core with the cutting machine, push the positioning board backwards, use a flat knife to lift the paraffin on the top of the box, cool for a while, until the center of the candle is not dripped and paraffin, and then rotate the wooden stick upwards to leave the candle away from the mold. Pull off a candle on the positioning board, and the cotton core is located in the card slot. The positioning board is forward, check whether the cotton core is located in the middle of the wax. If not, debug it. Rotate the boom down, do not excessively force, the cotton core is fixed, so that the box is in the original position. on the other hand.
About Wax Candle Making Machines
Basic information for best soy wax of candles

The main points of the operation of the candle machine

  1. New candler.
  2. The new candle machine mold is lubricated by oil.
  3. Pour: Tighten the line straight and fill the water tank with cold water, and pour the wax liquid. Pour the temperature, it is advisable to be low temperature in summer, and in winter high temperature and low temperature.The pouring wax solution should be higher than the millimeter of the mold tube, so that the wax solution can naturally supplement the tube. If the wax liquid is insufficient, the candle will be empty core.
  1. Modeling: After the surface is coagulated, the core wire hanging on the workbench is cut off from the wax tail. The candles in the mold will be completely solidified, and the mold will be squeezed when the hands are not soft. Be sure to master the molding time. The soft wax is the most serious for the damage to the mold tube, which is the fundamental reason for the rupture of the mold tube.

Pay attention to the problem when buying a candle machine

  • Carefulness: It is recommended not to buy second -hand candle molds or candle machines, clarify which candle you are going to make, take a look at the direction to see, find a responsible candle equipment manufacturer. The essential;
  • Second, choose one -handed manufacturer to buy directly. There are two reasons: the price is more affordable to avoid the difference between the middlemen to make the difference; second, the service is more guaranteed. After all, the manufacturer is more technical than the candle dealer.
  • Third, look at word of mouth, there are too many candles machinery and equipment now, and there are a lot of quality and bad quality. When buying, you should observe it carefully. Try to see their machinery and see their evaluation and word of mouth.
  • Fourth, the quality of candles machinery and equipment is too much. Try to determine your needs first, such as the types of candles you want to produce, production, your factory building, raw material source, power conditions, etc. Essence

The usual maintenance of the molten wax machine needs to pay attention to the following points

  1. The machine should be placed indoors.
  2. Try not to put it in direct sunlight
  3. Don’t put it in a place where there is water
  4. If the surface of the machine is accidentally dipped in water, remember to clean up immediately. Because the machine surface is often water, it will cause the surface to lose fast

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Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
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