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he Paraffin Melting Point Introduction
The Paraffin Melting Point Introduction
About Wax Candle Making Machines
About Wax Candle Making Machines

Advantages of Soy Wax

What is Soy Wax?

Soy Wax is a vegan wax made from the complete oiling of soybeans. Like honey, it is considered a natural wax, and 100% pure soy wax is often used in containers of soy wax.Large wax flakes are essentially soy wax in flakes rather than solid chunks. Thin slices are easier to measure out and melt what you need.

Advantages of Soy Wax

The great advantage of soy is that it is completely renewable. 

While global oil reserves dwindle and paraffin prices rise, the only limit to soybean supplies is how much we choose to plant. The soybeans you buy from CandleScience today could have been in the ground less than a year ago. Chances are that the same field is being planted with more soybeans for future candle making.

Eco-friendly, Renewable

In addition to being sustainable, a well-made soy candle burns cleanly and slowly, keeping your customers very happy. While the performance and beauty of soy candles speak for themselves, soy wax is truly a marketer’s dream. If you’re making soy candles, you can market them as eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral; the list goes on and on.

Organic Soy Candle Wax
Advantages of Soy Wax
Classical Design Natural Organic Raw Bulk Soy Wax Flakes

Soy wax is non-toxic and good for the environment and your health

Soy wax derived from soybeans is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that becomes solid at room temperature. After harvesting, the beans are washed, cracked, hulled and flaked. Soy wax contains no artificial ingredients, making it a better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum and produces harmful byproducts when burned or melted. Soy wax is non-toxic and good for the environment and your health!

Soy wax is healthier for us as it doesn’t emit any harmful substances into our atmosphere unlike non-renewable paraffin wax which can contain carcinogens that can be harmful to our bodies. Natural soy wax is a safer way to indulge in candles.

Since soy wax is made from soybeans, it is environmentally friendly as soybeans are a renewable resource. Paraffin is derived from petroleum, which is not a renewable resource. This is especially important if you are pregnant, have children, or have pets, as it is the safest health choice. You want to avoid wax blends or candles that don’t clearly state their ingredients.

Because soy wax is made from all natural materials, it’s believed to burn cleaner than petroleum-derived paraffin. It’s common to hear people complain of headaches when paraffin candles burn, but generally, it’s not because of the wax smell, but the chemicals it releases into the air.

From a stronger fragrance to a healthier burn, there are many reasons to use soy wax melts and candles instead of paraffin. If you want to experience the benefits of soy wax for yourself, be sure to visit the Happy Wax® Shop, where you’ll find melted soy wax in a variety of delightful scents.

Since soy wax is vegan-friendly and uses 100% natural soy vegetable wax, it’s a better candle for the planet than paraffin.

hen you choose soy wax, you can rest assured knowing your smoke:

  1. use less chemicals
  2. Release small amounts of toxins into the atmosphere
  3. use renewable resources
  4. Start a business without destroying planets
  5. It is carbon neutral.

If you may need any soy wax for candle making, a detailed inquiry will help to get quotation quickly.

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