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Where to buy paraffin from China
Where to buy paraffin from China
Advantages of Soy Wax
Advantages of Soy Wax

The Paraffin Melting Point Introduction

1.The source of the melting point of paraffin

Paraffin wax is a hydrocarbon mixture extracted from some distillates of petroleum, shale oil or other bituminous mineral oils. The main component is solid alkanes, odorless and tasteless, and it is a white or light yellow translucent solid.

Paraffin is a mixture of hydrocarbons, so it does not have a strict melting point like pure compounds. The so-called melting point of paraffin refers to the temperature at which a stagnant period appears for the first time on the cooling curve when the melted paraffin sample is cooled under specified conditions.

The main factor affecting the melting point of paraffin is the weight of the selected raw material fraction, and the melting point of the paraffin extracted from the heavier fraction is higher. In addition, the oil content also has a great influence on the melting point of paraffin wax. The more oil in paraffin wax, the lower its melting point.

2. Classification of paraffin wax

There are many ways to classify paraffin, and there are three main ways. The easiest way is to distinguish by melting point. Each type of wax is divided into different varieties according to the melting point, generally every 2°C, such as 52, 54, 56, 58 and other grades.

In addition to the melting point, the degree of refinement is also an important distinction. According to the degree of processing and refinement, it can be divided into three types: fully refined paraffin wax, semi-refined paraffin wax and crude paraffin wax. Fully refined paraffin refers to paraffin with a paraffin oil content below 0.8%. Semi-refined paraffin refers to paraffin with a paraffin oil content below 1.5%. Crude wax refers to paraffin wax with a paraffin oil content below 2%. In addition to differences in oil content, they also have differences in color. The higher the oil content, the more yellow the color will be. But other aspects, in fact, the current technology is very mature. The oil content of some semi-refined and coarse waxes can also be controlled in a very low range. So it can meet the different needs of different customers.

Finally, there is the most common classification method, which is to classify according to packaging. At present, the most common ones we have are boxed and bagged. The packing is 25kg/box, and the packing is 25kg/bag.

3.Different uses for different melting points

Paraffin wax has many uses, such as matches, fiberboard, tarpaulin. There are even detergents, emulsifiers, dispersants, plasticizers, greases, and more. The melting point range plays a large role.

First of all, it can be used in candle making in terms of low melting point range. There is no requirement for the melting point of paraffin to be used in candle making, either high or low can be used in a wide range of applications.

Paraffin wax with high melting point adds some additives to increase adhesion and flexibility, and can be widely used in moi sture-proof and waterproof packaging paper, cardboard, surface coating of certain textiles and candle production.

Even ink products require high melting point paraffins

4. Market preference for different melting points

Because there are so many paraffin standards for paraffin. So it creates a lot of different market preferences. And markets in different geographic locations will choose different products. For example, countries with high latitudes such as Europe will choose paraffin wax with a relatively low melting point, such as 54 or 56 melting point. And due to the restrictions of national policies and they will choose more boxes. South American countries will choose more high melting point paraffins such as 58 or 60 to avoid winning, and bagging is also feasible.

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