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All about concrete admixturepolycarboxylate superplasticizer you may want to know
Flakes soy wax for candle making
Flakes soy wax for candle making

Refined Paraffin Wax Candle

Refined Paraffin wax candle: advantages, disadvantages and differences of other wax candle

Today, you can find all kinds of candles in sales – home furnishing, decoration, seasoning. You can select any shape and color. The composition of the product is also different. The cheapest is paraffin candle. They are beautiful and delicious. However, many people doubt whether paraffin is safe. Let’s solve this problem.

refined paraffin wax candle

Features and composition of refined refined paraffin wax

Today, paraffin is considered to be the most necessary material for candle production. As early as the early 19th century, it seriously replaced stearic acid and wax at a low price. These products look very attractive, light weight, can be dyed into any color. The artificial aroma gives the candle a strong fragrance. Many people buy this light source to decorate the house, create a festive atmosphere and decorate the room.

However, it is worth noting that unlike wax, wax is an environmentally friendly product produced by bees, and refined paraffin wax is far from nature. It is a synthetic waxy substance extracted from petroleum. The paraffin itself has no color or smell. The melting point of the material is+45 to+65 ° C.

Due to the low thermal conductivity, refined paraffin wax is easy to form the desired shape. In addition, it is easy to dye and perfectly combines with spices. Modern manufacturers produce different types of candles. These are boxed tea candles, traditional products, flavoring modeling options and glass models. In addition to attractive appearance, the advantages of paraffin candles also include long storage life.

As for the disadvantages, they also exist, and even exceed the advantages. The burning time of paraffin candle is 2-3 times shorter than that of wax candle. In addition, refined paraffin wax cannot maintain its shape for a long time when heated. If you burn such a candle for a long time, it may start to deform. This is why the material is often poured into the glass shape. Sometimes small doses of natural wax, stearic acid and meningitis are added to paraffin products. This can improve the density and high temperature resistance of the product, but it will not fundamentally change this situation.

Differences of refined paraffin wax candle from other wax candle

First of all, there are more types of refined paraffin wax than other waxes.

Its melting point ranges from 52 degrees to 66 degrees. Usually one model is distinguished every 2 degrees. At present, refined paraffin wax with a melting point of 58-60 degrees is the most popular.

Other waxes are relatively single. For example, the most common type of soybean wax is 50 degree flake soybean wax, and the most common type of coconut oil wax is 42 degree lump.

Secondly, compared with other waxes, using refined paraffin wax to produce candles is simpler and easier to operate.

At present, the most conventional household candles we see on the market are all made of paraffin. For other vegetable waxes, there are many things to be noticed in the process of making candles, such as melting temperature, casting temperature, essence addition ratio, wax wick material, etc., which will affect the effect of the finished product.

Third, refined paraffin wax is easier to obtain than other kinds of wax.

Refined paraffin wax is mainly extracted from oil, while other waxes, such as soybean wax, mainly come from soybean oil, coconut oil wax, coconut oil, beeswax, and bee products. It is obvious that paraffin is a more accessible raw material

Fourth, the most important point is cost-effectiveness.

Compared with other waxes, refined paraffin wax has obvious cost-effectiveness, and its cost is less than half of that of other waxes.

You can choose different waxes according to your needs. We can provide all kinds of waxes

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