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Source of KUNLUN Paraffin Wax

  • KUNLUN Paraffin wax is the “platinum” in the derivatives of petroleum products. Fushun Petrochemical has always been the largest paraffin wax production and export base in China. The raw materials for every seven candles in the world are produced here.
  • As one of the four featured products supported and developed by PetroChina. PetroChina unifies petrochemical products under the “Kunlun” brand, paving the way for the rapid growth of KUNMLUN paraffin wax into a Chinese product and an international brand. And our KUNLUN paraffin wax is mainly produced in Fushun Petrochemical.

Fushun Petrochemical

  • Fushun Petrochemical, as the largest refining and chemical enterprise in China, has always been the largest paraffin wax production and export base in China. Various technical and economic indicators of paraffin wax production have maintained the domestic advanced level.
  • Especially since the restructuring and restructuring, the company’s economic benefits have grown year by year, and the scale of the enterprise has continued to expand. By 2004, the output of paraffin wax reached 460,000 tons, and the export volume of paraffin wax accounted for 35% of the national export volume.
  • In recent years, with the increasing market demand for paraffin wax products, KUNLUN paraffin wax, as the “platinum” in the derivatives of petroleum products, is an indispensable and important raw material with high added value in social and economic life, and is widely used in rubber , building materials, electronics and other industries.
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Advantages of KUNLUN Paraffin Wax

  • Fushun Petrochemical puts the improvement of the technological content of paraffin wax products in an important position, and focuses on technological innovation and technological transformation to continuously optimize the paraffin wax production process. Up-grade and up-grade have formed superior technology and unique craftsmanship.
  • Among them, the paraffin wax high-pressure hydrotreating unit with an annual output of 200,000 tons was completed and put into operation, filling the domestic gap with the first domestic technology, making the quality of the paraffin wax products of Fushun Petrochemical achieve a qualitative leap; 400 kg/h paraffin wax underwater The granulation industrialization test device was completed and put into operation in Fushun Petrochemical, which achieved the goal of pollution-free production in the whole process, promoted the evolution of paraffin wax molding technology, and made this technology pioneered in China, with independent intellectual property rights, and at the international level.
  • The quality of Fushun Petrochemical’s “KUNLUN” brand paraffin wax products has been continuously upgraded. Taking craft wax as an example, a piece of craft wax the size of a matchbox can burn for more than 4 hours, which is more than double the ordinary wax on the market. Slightly fragrant, popular in overseas markets.
  • At present, Fushun Petrochemical has more than 10 grades of paraffin wax products that have won the China Petroleum Excellent Product Award and the Liaoning Provincial Product Award. Fushun Petrochemical KUNLUN brand paraffin wax can directly enter the product tank in Exxon Company in the United States. Following the development track of Fushun Petrochemical and KUNLUN brand paraffin wax, what we see is a change in the way of China’s oil economic growth, and it will go further in the long run.

Paraffin wax msds

Beijing Dongke United Technologies Co.,Ltd (Beijing Dongke United Technologies Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese factory specializing in candle manufacturing. The company has been engaged in export trade for more than 10 years and offers rich experience and expertise. If you need safety data sheets (MSDS) for candle raw materials, you can download the MSDS file for paraffin wax here.

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