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Difference Between Paraffin And Soya Wax

Surely, you have often seen candles that are made of materials such as: soya wax, coconut wax, beeswax. Usually, candles made from such materials are actively advertised and have the following headings: “Safe!”, “Harmless!”.

So what’s the deal? Is it just a marketing ploy to sell more? Fashion trend? Or maybe these materials really have a significant difference between them?

Waxes have low chemical activity and are insoluble in water. In turn, they are divided into animals and plants.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin is a wax-like mixture, a synthetic substance derived from petroleum. It consists of saturated hydrocarbons, the so-called alkanes. In the manufacture of candles, a mixture of paraffin and stearin is often used, this mixture increases the hardness of the finished candle and helps to better convey the added aromas.

Everyone has come across such candles, these are the so-called household candles, which are stored in case of a power outage and lie somewhere in a closet.

Now the candle has become not only a household item, but an element of design and home comfort. Candles with interesting aromas, shapes and colors have gained popularity. Now we burn candles not for the need of lighting, but to create a special atmosphere, whether romantic or festive. We enjoy its aroma and appearance.

It is important to understand what happens at the moment of burning a candle.

Paraffin Wax Candle

Scientists have proven that when a candle is burned from this material, substances such as toluene and benzene are released into the air. Regular inhalation of these substances provokes the nervous system, causes bronchial asthma, has a negative effect on the condition of the skin, digestive and circulatory systems, can cause allergies and even the development of oncology.

When there are such unpleasant consequences, is it no longer so desirable to light your favorite candle? Of course, in view of the foregoing, it becomes clear that it is better for a paraffin candle to remain a household necessity. During combustion, it is worth ventilating the room to reduce the amount of toxic substances in the air.

Natural Waxes

Soya wax and coconut wax are plant-type waxes, often referred to as natural waxes. Soya wax is obtained from soybean oil. The oil is pressed, refined, clarified and hydrogenated, as a result of which it hardens. The resulting substance does not contain phosphatides, coloring pigments, hydrophilic and soap components.

Compared to paraffin candles, during burning, soy and coconut candles do not emit harmful substances, thus, they do not cause such unpleasant consequences for the respiratory system and the body as a whole. Not having their own specific smell, unlike paraffin, they are able to convey the pure aroma of the added essential oils, which will allow you to enjoy aromatherapy without harm to health

soya wax

Beeswax also belongs to natural and vegetable waxes. This product is the result of the life of bees, it is from it that honeycombs are built. In addition to the above properties, this type of wax has its own absolutely natural aroma of honey, which has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and prevents the development of respiratory diseases. According to scientists, this type of wax contains negative ions, which purify and disinfect the air.

Such candles can become an object that can delight with its appearance and aroma on a regulatory basis, complementing the days with the warmth and comfort of its fire.

Such a comparison makes it possible to understand the obvious difference in materials for candles. This is not just a marketing ploy, but an attempt to introduce an environmentally friendly product into our lives, thanks to which we will save not only our health, but also the world around us. And if this is fashion, then let it be just that!


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