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Soy Wax for Wax Melts from Professional Supplier

Soy wax is a natural vegetable wax. Some of the problems that can arise during the casting and production process cause the finished candles to fail in use. Our Beijing Dongkella has accumulated production experience in this field and hopes to help everyone avoid these troubles.

Question 1: The core of a candle produces mushroom caps or excessive carbon deposits

If the candle core is too large for the container used, the candle flame will become too large and carbon deposits will form and the top of the candle core will become spongy.

Solution: You need to use a smaller, better suited drill bit

Question 2: The combustion chamber is too small to tunnel or burn unevenly

Tunneling occurs when the center wire used is too small and the flame cannot properly melt the entire surface of the candle. As a result, the candle will burn unevenly, there will be a small flame, there will be a faint smell, and the candle will burn out. So, if you want to know how to burn candles evenly or how to burn candles properly, check out the solutions below.

Solution: The best way to repair a spark plug tunnel is to use a larger core.

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Question 3: Glaze on the surface of the finished candle

We have found that using a small amount of palm wax on candles can reduce and remove frost from soy candles. Just add 2 teaspoons of palm wax for 1kg of wax. Then use a lower pouring temperature to pour fully melted, which will help minimize and eliminate candle freezing.

Solution: Add a small amount of palm wax.

Question 4: Cut, shrinkage, blisters and wet spots

Sometimes when we refill the wax, the adhesion between the wax and the reservoir (sometimes called the suction cup) is bad – bubbles form on the side of the candle. This is more evident when a transparent container is used. It looks like there are some bubbles between the reservoir and the spark plug, which looks like a slightly damp phenomenon.

Solution: Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Question 5: Surface cracks

Pouring at low temperature. Note: It is important to remember to stir the wax constantly as you pour the coolant to keep it from solidifying. Let the candle cool naturally at room temperature (18-25 degrees), it may take a little longer, but the effect of removing the cup will be sent. Once the wax is full, gently tug on the heart before inserting, but avoid applying too much wax.

Solution: Follow the instructions to fix this problem.

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