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The Soy Container Wax For Sale

1.The soy container wax material.

Soy container wax refers to wax produced from hydrogenated soybean oil.

It is the main raw material for making craft candles, essential oils and scented candles.

The highest quality candles depend on the highest quality soy wax raw materials.

In fact, just like the name of soybean wax, the main raw material of soybean wax is soybean wax oil.

The higher the oil content of soybean oil, the better the purity and the higher the quality of soy container wax produced.

And in the quality of soy container wax, we are very confident in our soybean wax, all our soy container wax is 100% pure soybean wax, and our soybean oil is also high quality soybean oil imported from abroad.

Therefore, the quality of our products is affirmed by customers and can be called high-quality soybean wax.

soy container wax
soy container wax

2.The soy container wax export

Soy container wax has become one of the best-selling products in our factory due to its super high quality.

Therefore, after introducing the superiority of the raw material of soy wax, I will introduce some detailed real export data of our products.

Yes, we The products are mainly for the international market, and there are cooperative customers in many countries in the world.

Usually, our factory exports 20,000 tons per year, and we have more than 300 countries in the world to cooperate with customers, so usually no matter what country you are in, and what problems you have, we can help you to the greatest extent possible.

We are also very happy to have interested customers to consult.


3.The soy container wax packing

As I said above, due to the popularity of our products for export and the characteristics of different countries, there will be many differences for the same product, especially in terms of packaging, so the data of soy container wax is very important.

Normally, our soybean wax packaging is 25kg/bag.

The outer packaging is neutral packaging, so it can be adapted to the various needs of customers.

Of course, if you have special needs, we can also customize according to your size and packaging requirements.

The above is the packaging of our soy wax itself.

Next, I can introduce the packaging data of our soybean wax in international transportation.

Usually, we will ship by sea. If it is a 20-foot container, it can hold 15 tons of soybean wax without pallet.

If it is palletized, it can hold 12 tons of soybean wax, if it is a 40-foot container without pallet, it can hold 25 tons, and pallet is also 25 tons of soybean wax.

If the customer needs a relatively small quantity, we can also meet it.

We can transport one ton of soybeans by way of LCL.

Usually, we will make it more convenient in the shipping process by palletizing. Usually, a ton of soybean wax is used. The Big Tuo 2.5CBM.

4.The soy container wax

Finally there is information about canned candles.

Soy container wax is a well-known raw material, and its final product is a scented candle.

In today’s society, people will use more products such as fragrances, dyes and soybean wax to produce a variety of scented candles.

This is also more popular.

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