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Polycarboxylate Concrete

1.What is the polycarboxylate concrete cycle?

Reduce water into the concrete mix to reduce the water content in the mix while preserving the softness of the concrete.

Most of them are anionic surfactants such as lignosulfonate, polymer, formaldehyde, naphthalene, sulfonate, etc.

The addition of concrete will affect the cement particles. This will increase processing capacity.

Reduce water consumption in equipment and increase flowability, mix concrete or reduce cement consumption and save special cement Additives significantly reduce the content of the mixture under the same basic condition as concrete.

Damaged cardboard is called supersoft. The admixtures reduce water consumption by at least 15% when the amount of polycarboxylate concrete poured is significantly equal.

polycarboxylate concrete

2.How many types of polycarboxylate concrete are there and what are their benefits?

Its form is divided into polycarboxylate concrete water and powder.

Water formulations contain 20%, 40% (also known as alcohol) and 60% solids, while powders typically contain 98% solids, depending on the reducing agent’s ability to reduce and improve water.

It is divided into common dehydrating agents.

(referred to as plasticizers Water reduction ratio greater than 8% based on lignosulfonate) High efficiency polycarboxylate concrete

(also known as superplasticizer) Plasticizer Water reducing content 14% or more nephtha Fat, base melamine, sulfate, fatty, etc.

And high performance water reducing agent.

(including aqueous reducing agents containing 25% or more aqueous reducing agents with polycarboxylic acid), initial strength, standard class and slow class.
Depending on the composite material, it is divided into: 

  1. lignosulfonate;
  2. polycyclic aromatic salts;
  3. soluble sulfonate resin;

Naphthalene plasticizers, aliphatic plasticizers, amine plasticizers, polycarboxylate plasticizers, etc.
Lignosulfonate superplasticizer, naphthalene superplasticizer, melamine superplasticizer, sulfate superplasticizer, acidic superplasticizer, wetting agent, Polycarboxylate superplasticizer.

Superplasticizers have a high diffusive effect on the cement and can increase the fluidity of the cement mixture and cause the polycarboxylate concrete to fall.

While reducing water consumption and improving the durability of concrete. and can cause excessive bleeding.

In principle, superplasticizers do not change the service life of concrete. When the dosage is high (overdose), there is a slight delay in the setting process.

But it will not slow down the initial strength of the hardened concrete.

It can polycarboxylate concrete consumption and increase the strength of concrete for all ages.

By maintaining constant resistance It can contain more than 10% cement, very low chloride ion content and does not corrode steel bars.

It can improve the waterproofing, defrosting and corrosion properties of concrete. and improve the durability of concrete.

polycarboxylate concrete

3.What is the production process of polycarboxylate concrete?

How it works after polymerization.

This method consists of first forming the main chain and then adding the side chains.

The problem with this method is that the compatibility between polycarboxylic acids and polyester is very poor.

Water is generated during esterification. Phase separation occurs and esterification activity is difficult.

Therefore, the selection of polymers compatible with polycarboxylic acids is central to the synthesis.

Integration and polymerization in place. In this method, the subsequences are introduced at the same time as the main strand is polymerized.

As a reaction medium for monounsaturated carboxylic acids.

Polyether overcomes the problem of poor compatibility between polycarboxylic acid and polyether.

Chain transfer agent and initiator are added dropwise to the aqueous solution.

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