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To choose of coconut soy wax blend to make candles

1.coconut soy wax blend

Handmade candles have become an essential home decoration, and the industry is expected to be worth $5 billion by 2026.

The commercial use of candles has increased dramatically over the past few years, with scented candles used in the spa and massage industries for their soothing effect and in restaurants to create a fragrant environment for customers.

Trends show interest in all kinds of candles, from scented candles to soy candles, and everything in between.

Consumer interest in candles is not only strong, but widespread. So as the most important raw material for handmade candles, of course, it is none other than coconut soy wax blend, especially coconut soy wax blend.

Soy candles are one of the hottest candle types on the handmade candle market right now and are made from coconut soy wax blend.

This wax is derived from soybeans, so it’s plant-based (unlike regular oil-based or paraffin candles).

Not only are soy candles made from renewable resources, but they burn cleaner and last longer.

As a result, customers get better value for money when they buy longer-lasting candles.

Natural coconut wax is also the main constituent of scented candles. It belongs to the natural palm family, and its ornamental value is extremely high.

Coconut oil solidification does not mean deterioration, because coconut soy wax blend grows in the tropics,

the freezing point is relatively high, at 14-25 degrees, when the temperature is lower than 25 degrees,

the coconut soy wax blend is easy to solidify into a milky white solid or milky substance, as long as the coconut If the oil is placed in an environment higher than 25 degrees Celsius, or heated with warm water,

the coconut soy wax blend will melt into a liquid again, and it can still be used.

As long as the coconut oil does not exceed the shelf life and produces an odor, whether it is liquid or solid, it can be used normally.

coconut soy wax blend
coconut soy wax blend

2.coconut soy wax blend

The effect of making scented candles with a mixture of soybean wax and coconut oil wax is also very good.

Make scented candles and refuse to volatilize harmful substances. Low-cost lighting paraffin is made of paraffin extracted from petroleum.

It smells bad after being ignited. The biggest disadvantage is that benzene and lead will volatilize when burning, which will affect your health.

Pure coconut soy wax blend will not have this. worry. At present, the most common vegetable waxes are soybean wax and coconut oil wax, which are extracted from soybean oil and coconut oil.

100% pure coconut soy wax blend are soft and dense in texture and have a low melting point, which can not only burn for a longer time ,

It also has a stable fragrance effect. More importantly, it can help burn impurities in the air, generate negative ions, purify the air, and will not volatilize harmful substances and allergens.

It is harmless to sensitive people, babies and pets. You can rest assured. enjoy. In addition to soy wax and coconut wax, there are also palm wax and beeswax, which are all good vegetable waxes.

coconut soy wax blend

3.Market prospect of coconut soy wax blend

In addition to the popularity of this popular product, candles offer other benefits to business owners, including:

Low cost of entry. Granted, some types of handmade candles require more expensive raw materials than others, but generally, candle makers can make their own products with very little capital investment; easily sold anywhere.

Want to sell your home decorations at craft fairs and local markets? Candles are portable so you can sell online as well as offline; an easy-to-master learning craft.

Whether you’re a master DIYer or a novice crafter, the basic recipe for a basic candle is easy to follow.

As you’ll notice from the infographic below, the recipe is simple; easy to customize.

With so many varieties of candles, it’s easy to personalize your product and set yourself apart from your direct competitors;

from a DIY business perspective, learning how to make candles is a skill that can turn into a real source of income.

But before we get into the topic of handmade candles,

let’s take a look at the popular types of candles that are of interest to consumers.

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