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Advanced Soy Wax Process

With the progress of the times and the development of society, people’s enjoyment of the material level is getting higher and higher.

Candles are a very new and popular product. With the popularity of candle products, candle raw materials on the market have also become endless.

Among these raw materials, cb advanced soy wax is undoubtedly the most popular product.

Therefore, the degree of replacement of cb advanced soy wax is also the most frequent and prosperous.

Today we will take a look at the constantly updated soybean wax raw materials.

soy wax

1.First cb advanced soy wax

First of all, the basic raw materials of cb advanced soy wax are the same, and they are all made from soybean oil.

The better the quality soybean wax, the higher the soybean oil content. However, relying solely on soybean oil cannot perfectly produce soybean wax.

Relevant technical support is also essential. It is because of these different techniques that the difference between soy waxes is made.

When the technology was not perfect at the beginning.

At first, the spicy cb advanced soy wax can only complete the functions of watering, molding and burning.

However, there are still many problems, such as imperfect molding, non-combustion, strong odor, etc.

But with the increasing popularity of soybean candles. People are also more willing to overcome these problems.

The production technology of soybean wax has also been continuously improved.

soy wax

2.New Technology cb advanced soy wax

As the demand for soy candles has grown, so have new wax technologies.

Therefore new high-grade soy waxes are also produced.

Based on the mature technology, we innovate and upgrade the cb advanced soy wax.

The new product advantages as:

  1. Excellent candle moulding effect. The appearance can be smooth for just once moulding, which could be easier for beginners.
  2. Long-lasting scent. The soy wax carry more fragrance and keep for longer.
  3. Larger viscous. The candle made by this soy wax won’t be off the jar easily.

3.How to use the cb advanced soy wax to make the candle best.

From the properties of super soy wax above we can find out.

This raw material not only makes candles easy to shape, but also has longer-lasting fragrance retention and is not easy to take off the cup.

Therefore, when using this raw material to make candles, we can have more choices.

First because this wax material is easy to shape, so we can challenge more types of soy wax shapes.

Make a variety of soy candles. Secondly, this wax raw material has a longer-lasting incense-holding ability.

This ability is not limited to the smell of the wax itself, but that when the candle has a certain smell, it can last longer.

Therefore, we are making soybean wax. , we can add some flavors we want. This will also keep his scent lingering longer.

In the end, it is not easy to take off the cup.

Therefore, we also have more options when choosing spicy cups and can challenge a variety of ingredients. to match candles of different shapes.

I also shared with you the packaging of our new cb advanced soy wax.

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