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About polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is a concrete admixture that can reduce the consumption of water for mixing without essentially changing the concrete slump.

Most of them are anionic surfactants such as lignosulfonate, naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde polymer.

After adding the concrete mixture, it can disperse cement particles, which can improve its workability, reduce unit water consumption, and improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture.

Or reduce unit cement consumption and save cement.

Appearance morphology is divided into liquid and powder. The solid content of water is generally 20%, 40% (also known as mother liquor), 60%, and the solid content of powder is generally 98%.

Depending on the polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer / enhancing capacity of the water-reducing agent.

It is divided into a normal polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer (also called a plasticizer and a water-reducing rate typified by lignosulfonate of 8% or more) and a high-performance water-reducing agent (also called a high-performance water-reducing agent).

Will be. , Naphthalene, melamine, sulfamate, aliphatic, etc. are represented by a water reduction rate of 14% or more, and a high-performance water reduction agent (water reduction rate of 25% or more, including polycarboxylic acid).

It can be divided into water reducing agent), early strength type, standard type, and retard type.

polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

It can be divided as follows according to the constituent materials.

  1. Lignosulfonate;
  2. Polycyclic aromatic salts;
  3. Water-soluble resin sulfonate.

Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer is a high performance water reducer for concrete with the world’s most advanced technology, highest technology content, best application prospects, and best overall performance.

polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer are a composite product of carboxylic acid grafted multi-element copolymers and other effective additives.

Performance comparisons with similar products at home and abroad show that polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer have reached the current internationally advanced level in terms of technical performance indicators and cost performance.

polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer high-performance water reducing agent

  1. The mixing amount is 0.5% to 2.0% of the total weight of the cement-based material, and the normal mixing amount is 0.2% to 0.5%. A specific trial mix test should be performed before use to find the optimal mix.
  2. Cannot be used in combination with naphthalene-based high performance polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer. When used in combination with other admixtures, the suitability of concrete should be tested in advance.
  3. Slump is very sensitive to water consumption and it is necessary to strictly control water consumption during use.
  4. Pay attention to the maintenance of the concrete surface.
polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

There are also some problems with polycarboxylate high performance water reducing agents

  1.  Inadequate slump retention in high temperature environments;
  2. If strong temperature sensitivity, the same polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is constructed in different seasons, the slump retention of concrete will be very different;
  3. It is a functional product and it is difficult to meet the requirements of ultra-high and ultra-long range concrete pumps, negative temperature structure, ultra-initial strength concrete preparation and concrete high durability.
  4. In the preparation of high viscosity, high mixing, low water adhesive ratio concrete, the viscosity of the concrete is high and it is not useful for construction.
  5. Very sensitive to the mud content of sand and gravel aggregates.
  6. Poor adaptability to machined sand, dosages can affect structure.

Polycarboxylate high performance reducing agents are suitable for prefabricated and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete in the construction of high-speed rail, passenger lines, industrial and private buildings, roads, bridges, ports, airports, etc.

Especially suitable for projects with long construction periods and high demand for concrete slumps, such as nuclear power plants.

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