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What is 100% pure white soft paraffin

What is White Soft Paraffin?

As we all know, paraffin wax is a chemical raw material paraffin wax is a kind of mineral wax and a kind of protective wax; it is a kind of lubricating oil fraction obtained from crude oil distillation by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or wax freezing crystallization, pressing and dewaxing. The wax paste is obtained by solvent deoiling and refining.

But what is white soft paraffin? White soft paraffin wax, also known as soft wax, is made of refined microcrystalline wax supplemented by high-quality additives.

The characteristics of white soft paraffin: the appearance is white ointment, its crystal is fine, it has good permeability, high melting point, good softness, adhesion, water resistance and oil solubility, good chemical stability, high oil content .

white soft paraffin

What is the purpose of white soft paraffin?

White Soft Paraffin with moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, bonding, polishing, casting grinding, insulation, rubber, medical, cosmetic, candle, wax wire and other applications, it is also an additive in the processing of good craft candles.

Soft paraffin is mainly used in the manufacture of matches, fiberboard, canvas, etc. 

After adding polyolefin additives to paraffin, its melting point is increased, adhesion and flexibility are increased, and it is widely used in moisture-proof and waterproof packaging paper, cardboard, surface coating of certain textiles and candle production.

Soft wax catalyzes the production of chlorowaxes. 

Chlorinated paraffin is the chlorinated product of paraffin, which is mainly used as an auxiliary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride to increase its insulation and heat resistance, and improve its tensile strength.

 It can also be used as an anticoagulant for lubricating oils, an extreme pressure additive for high-pressure cutting oils, and as a functional additive and a resistance in synthetic materials such as coatings, pigments, insulating materials, building materials, rubber, adhesive materials, etc. fuel. 

In the production process, in addition to a small amount of unsaturated olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons, there are also a large amount of isoparaffins in the soft wax. In the pretreatment, activated carbon is used to remove aromatic hydrocarbons, and clay to remove olefins, and the effect is ideal.

The whole production process includes three steps: pretreatment, chlorination synthesis, and exhaust gas absorption.

Vaseline is a semi-liquid mixture of alkanes or saturated hydrocarbons, also called petrolatum, which is obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum.

Its state is between solid and liquid at room temperature, and it has three colors of brown, yellow and white due to different uses. The melting point is 35 ~ 50 ℃ (one said 37 ~ 52 ℃). 

Natural petrolatum is obtained from petroleum residual oil concentrates such as paraffin heavy oil; artificial petrolatum is obtained from a mixture of mineral oil thickened with pure ozokerite or paraffin wax and paraffin grease.

Vaseline smells of mineral oil, not kerosene. It can be used as raw materials for medicines and cosmetics, and can also be used for machine lubrication.

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