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PCE Superplasticizer

PCE superplasticizer is an active substance that is added to mortars to give them new properties or improve existing ones.
PCE superplasticizer is one of the most popular types of modifying additives. It increases the fluidity of concrete several times due to its liquefaction. The strength of concrete does not change.

The main types of PCE superplasticizer
Hydrophilic. Mechanism of work: the active substance, reacting with water, converts it into a viscous mixture, which, when interacting with the main components of concrete, gives the material fluidity.

pce superplasticizer
  • Hydrophobic. The mechanism of operation: as the concrete hardens, the additives push water out of it. This increases the insulating properties of the material by increasing the number of microscopic air bubbles in the mixture. Freezing value changes.
    PCE superplasticizer are available in powder form and in the form of concentrates.
  • The dry type is pre-diluted with water, or poured into the mixture at the very beginning of preparation.
  • The consumption of liquid PCE superplasticizer is insignificant and does not exceed 1% of the amount of solution.
  • Varieties of PCE superplasticizer according to the initial component composition.
  • Organic consist of by-products of organic synthesis of chemical enterprises.
  • Organo-mineral additives combine organic and mineral substances that have the desired effect.
  • Inorganic additives are electrolytes that can change the properties of concrete for better or worse. Therefore, the use of these PCE superplasticizer should be optimal.
  • PCE superplasticizer, according to the raw materials included in their composition:
  • sulfonated melamine-formaldehyde resins and additives based on them;condensation products of naphthalene sulfonic acid and formaldehyde and additives based on them;modified lignosulfonates (LS) and additives based on them.
  • The most effective are PCE superplasticizer based on lignosulfonates purified from sugar, based on polycarboxylates and polyacrylates. They are the most economical due to the steric effect (the possibility of slowing down or the impossibility of the reaction). Polycarboxylates and PCE superplasticizer are expensive, so they are combined with other PCE superplasticizer.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the object under construction, the requirements for concrete change. One or another additive, or several additives, are selected that will provide the desired result. Some modern modified additives have several properties.
  • Properties of PCE superplasticizer according to their direction of action:superplasticizers;strength accelerators;modifiers;frost-resistant;self-sealing;to add air.
  • PCE superplasticizer is a mixture of organic and mineral substances. The use of this additive reduces construction costs and regulates the most important characteristics of concrete.
  • Strength accelerators allow concrete to quickly acquire the desired strength. Not replaceable for the phased pouring of the monolith.
  • Hardening retardation is used when transporting mortar over long distances.
  • Modifiers improve the quality of the mixture.
  • Frost-resistant additives allow concrete robots to be carried out in winter (freezing threshold down to -26 °C).
  • Self-compacting additives make it possible to do without a vibrator.
  • To add air – create a lot of micro-air bubbles inside the concrete. The insulating properties of the material increase, but the strength decreases.
  • Mixtures of various additives that can enhance the effect of each component have a universal effect.

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