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100% pure soy wax flakes for candle making

Regarding soybean wax, more and more customers are now interested in this wax raw material. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the sales and wholesale of soybean wax.

For the first time, I will give you a brief introduction to our information. After that, you will know our company enough and have confidence in our company. Only then can you have more confidence in our products.
We are from Beijing Dongke.We are a professional manufacturer offering One-Stop service in candle making industry with more than 20 years experience.Our company is a group company with many branches. 

Beijing Dongke is our company specializing in foreign trade. Provide international foreign trade services. And our company focuses on the integration of industry, science, technology and trade, which can meet all the needs of your business and river cooperation.


The soy wax flakes products details

The main raw material of soybean wax candle production is just like its name, the raw material of soybean wax is soybean oil, which is a wax raw material formed after some chemical operations. 

Since it is extracted from plants such as soybeans, the melting point of soybean wax is usually relatively low, usually only about 50 degrees, which is also the most commonly used melting point for soybean wax.

As for other similar shapes, soy candles mainly come in 3 different shapes to meet the needs of different customer groups. The first is the flake product, which is also the best-selling product state of soy wax, and the second is the block. 

The third is the granular state, which is usually exhibited by the granules for soybean waxes with a relatively high melting point. The above are the basic properties of soybean wax.
Next, I will introduce the most interesting information about the wholesale of soybean wax.

The Soy wax flakes

Finally, I will introduce the wholesale information of soybean wax to you. As we all know, China is a resource-rich resource, which of course also includes soybean raw materials, so soybean wax resources are also rich, and China is also one of the major exporters of soybean wax. 

Since it is wholesale, we first analyze the amount of soybean wax.Usually, due to the bulk product of soybean wax, if you want to get the best price, the price will be better when the quantity is large. 

For us at present, the usual packaging is 25kg per bag, which is also Bulk sale packaging. In addition, as a wholesale, we also provide wholesale in small batches, including 1-2 tons. We can ship the goods to your country by way of LCL.The last is the packaging information.

 Not only are we able to provide packages up to 25kg, we can also do custom packaging, including 1kg per pack, 3kg per pack and 10 packs per carton. Usually, these customized packages have quantity requirements, but if you have special requirements or high acceptance in all aspects, we can also carry out related operations. For specific product information, please contact us, our professional business will contact you.

Soy wax flakes

What is soy wax flakes?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from soybean oil. Shade wax is mainly used to make candles. Its melting point is 45-52 degrees. When burning without smoke and tasteless. The melting point of bean wax is longer than that of paraffin wax, and when burned it melts well and emits an aroma.

 This material is ideal for the production of scented candles. However, bean wax is rarely used for the production of scented candles because bean wax is more expensive than paraffin wax and the production process is not sufficiently cooked. 

According to the different melting point, the beans are divided into soft wax and hard wax. Shade wax, which has a melting point of 45 degrees, is called soft wax. It is supple, smooth, easy to blend and can be used for full body massages. 

The setting is slow, so a decorative candle can prolong the setting time and is easy to operate. It can also prevent shrinkage and cracking of the finished product caused by low temperatures in winter. 

It is the main ingredient in making scented candles and wax candles in the winter. Bean wax, which has a melting point of 52 degrees, is called hard bean wax and comes in the form of granules. The finished product is firm and solid. The speed is faster and the range of use is wider.

100% pure bean wax, mild milk flavor, no additives, safe and environmentally friendly, can be used by pregnant women and children. Melting point 52 degrees, easy melting, no black smoke, first choice for fire-resistant scented candles.

  • Shade wax method for making candles:
    The first step: preparation of raw materials. Place the bean wax in a stainless steel pan and heat it until completely melted, then heat to 90 ° C and mix well to form a liquid wax.
    The second step: the formation of the mold. Pour the liquid wax mixture into a stainless steel mold with a wax core and first apply lettuce oil to the inner wall of the mold; after cooling, fill the surface with liquid wax above 90 ° C and leave the mold after cooling. Pure bean wax candles.
Soy wax flakes
Advantages of soy wax flakes candles
  • Shade candles are natural (made from 100% shade of vegetable oil)
  • Unlike paraffin candles, bean candles are non-toxic because they contain petroleum products, paraffin or beeswax.
  • The burning time of soybean candles can be extended by 30% -50% and it is environmentally friendly
  • Bean candles burn cleanser (because they don’t produce much black smoke)
  • The smell of bean candles is much stronger
  • Natural substances are suitable for the skin and have healing and soothing properties as they are easily absorbed by the skin.

Bean wax refers to soy wax made from hydrogenated bean oil.
It is the main raw material for the production of handmade candles, essential oils and scented candles.
Advantages of soy wax: low price, cup wax does not fall off, column wax cooling rate is fast, easy to pour, does not break, pigment is evenly distributed and blooms. Burning time is 30-50% longer than paraffin wax. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When burned, it does not produce carcinogens and the waste can be biologically degraded. Saving heat sources is beneficial for the safe production of operators.

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