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The production process of 100% paraffin wax candles

paraffin wax

Today we will talk about the production process of paraffin wax candles, we will discuss the following questions, what paraffin wax, how to choose the right paraffin wax, and the production process of paraffin wax candles.

What paraffin wax?

Candles can bring a romantic, evocative fragrance and warm atmosphere to your home. Many widely used candles are made of paraffin waxes extracted from petroleum, chemical distillates, petroleum carbon black, etc.

Paraffin wax is a mixture of solid paraffin wax hydrocarbons, mainly composed of normal alkanes CnH2n+2. The number of carbon atoms is generally 22-36, and the molecular weight range is 360-540. The chemical composition of paraffin wax from different crude oils is also different. Pure paraffin wax is white, odorless and tasteless.

Choose the right paraffin wax and make the most beautiful candles

High melting paraffin wax point-this wax is very suitable for making cylindrical candles, hand-dipped fine candles, molded candles, shaped or carved gift candles. This wax is very hard and does not retain its fragrance. Its melting point is 145 degrees Fahrenheit or 63 degrees Celsius. This type of paraffin wax is needed to make the above types of wax so that the candle will not sag on its own when it cools. If you use this wax to make candles, you need to use additives.

Medium melting point-This wax is usually used to make prayer candles and sometimes to make container candles. Its melting point is 127-145 degrees Fahrenheit or 53-63 degrees Celsius. This wax is harder to the touch than a low-melting wax, but it retains its shape better. This kind of wax is good in maintaining fragrance, but requires the use of additives. This type of paraffin wax is lumpy and needs to be cut into small pieces to melt.

Low melting point-this type of wax melts at a temperature of 127 degrees Fahrenheit or 53 degrees Celsius. It is a soft wax. Soft wax is an ideal material for container candles and has the characteristics of long-lasting fragrance retention until the candle burns out So far, soft waxes have strong flexibility and do not require the use of additives. Softer paraffin wax has many advantages. However, its processing is more difficult and it releases more smoke and dust than other waxes.

Once you decide on the type of candle you want to make, Kunlun Paraffin Wax can choose the most suitable paraffin wax. No matter where you buy the paraffin wax, you must know the melting point of the paraffin wax you buy, so that the gift candles made will look good and popular.

The production process of paraffin wax candles

  1. The method of making paraffin wax candles is very simple, there are three main ways:
  2. For handmade paraffin wax candles, we only need to melt the paraffin wax and pour it into the candle container.
  3. The paraffin wax manual candle machine produces paraffin candles, which are more efficient and lower in cost than manual candles.
  4. The automatic candle machine produces paraffin wax candles, which do not need to be melted, and rely on the force of squeezing to produce paraffin wax candles.

As a professional manufacture we can also provide paraffin wax and candle making machine,you can contact us directly.

Different application of Paraffin Wax

  1. The paraffin wax
    Melting conditions: The paraffin wax main factor affecting the melting point of paraffin wax is the weight of one of the selected materials. The melting point of paraffin wax by weight is usually high. In addition, the oil has a positive effect on the digestion of paraffin. The presence of paraffin wax in it, reduces solubility.
  2.  Fatty acids: Fatty acids are the smallest soluble hydrocarbons in paraffin wax. High concentrations of oil will affect the color and stability of paraffin wax and reduce its strength. Therefore, oils containing extracted wax are often absorbed by sweat or other solvents to reduce excess fat; stability: high paraffin material lasts a long time during processing or process. In contact with air, if the stability is not good, it oxidizes and quickly degrades, darkens and even removes odors. 
  3. In addition, wax paraffin turns yellow when exposed to light. Therefore, paraffin wax requires thermal stability, air stability and stability; Thermophysical material: wax paraffin has a hidden heat transfer time, almost no cooling effect, low steam during rotation, strength and chemical stability, after heating and frequent release, flexibility temperature and heat transfer time. small change, self-seed, segregation of time and sale.
  4. The main purpose of paraffin wax
    Paraffin wax can be divided into three categories: absolute wax, paraffin wax and paraffin wax depending on the degree of purification. Each type of wax is divided into different types depending on the melting point, usually 2 ° C, for example 52, 54, 56, 58 and other degrees. Paraffin raw contains high levels of oil, commonly used in asphalt, hardboard, tarpaulins and other materials. 
  5. When polyolefin additives are added to paraffin wax, the melting point increases, the concentration and elasticity increase. It is widely used in waterproofing and waterproofing, cardboard, any fabric cover and candle making. The ingredients and detergents are very helpful. It is commonly used in packaging and packaging of food, medicine and other products (such as wax paper, pencils, candles, tracing paper), bread and fruit storage, coating equipment, anti-aging treatment consistent. and change. It can also be used for oxidation to produce synthetic fibers. 
  6. As one of the leading sources of thermal insulation, paraffin has the advantage of high heat transfer, low water exchange, good stability, high ultrafiltration and cost prices are high. In addition, the development of aircraft, space, microelectronic and optoelectronic technologies often requires high temperatures of large electrical appliances produced only in low temperature areas and in short periods when there is no interruption time. . . There are also several file transfers. Melt transfer data can reach food tracts by using all latent temperatures up to the required temperature and having a short temperature reaction time.
  7. The way of Chinese Paraffin Wax
    The market demand for China’s beeswax oil industry has been satisfied, the market share is declining, the company is finding it increasingly difficult to survive. Therefore, there is a need to intensify research on the needs of individual consumers, strengthen collaboration and collaboration skills between manufacturers and consumers, strengthen Internet + + traditional integration, and use strategic advantages such as “one-way, one-way” construction. country. A strong country.
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