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China Paraffin wax

China paraffin wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from certain distillates of petroleum, shale oil or other bituminous mineral oils.

The main component is solid alkanes, which are odorless and tasteless and are white or pale yellow transparent solids.

Paraffin wax is non-crystalline but has a distinct crystalline structure.

It is also a synthetic paraffin. Paraffin wax is a kind of oil processing product, a kind of mineral wax and a kind of petroleum wax.

It is a snowflake or needle-shaped crystal obtained by processing solvent, solvent wax or frost crystallization of wax to obtain a lubricating oil fraction obtained from crude oil distillation, and then by solvent waxing and processing. 

Used to make higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, lighters, candles, waterproofing agents, ointments, electrical insulation materials, etc.

Paraffin wax is divided into food quality (food quality and packaging quality, the first is excellent) and industrial quality.

Food quality is non-toxic and industrial quality is not food.

Melting point of China paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons, so it does not have a tough melting point like pure compounds.

The so-called melting point of paraffin wax refers to the temperature at which a period of stagnation first appears on the cooling basket when a sample of melted paraffin wax is cooled to the specified conditions. 

All types of wax products require that the paraffin wax has good temperature resistance, i.e. it does not melt, soften or deform at a certain temperature.

Depending on the conditions of use, areas of application and seasons, and differences in the environment of use, commercial paraffin wax should have different melting points.

 The main factor affecting the melting point of paraffin wax is the weight of the selected raw material fraction, while the melting point of the heavier fraction of paraffin wax is higher.

In addition, the oil content also has a large effect on the melting point of paraffin wax. The more oil in the paraffin wax, the lower the melting point.

Contact with China paraffin wax oil

Oil content refers to the number of low melting points of hydrocarbons found in paraffin wax.

Very high oil content will affect the color and storage stability of paraffin wax and also reduce the hardness. 

Therefore, the oily wax paste removed from the vacuum fraction should be lubricated by the sweating method or the diluent method to reduce the oil content.

However, most paraffin wax products should contain small amounts of oil, which is helpful in improving the gloss and mold-removing performance of the products.

Stability of Chinese paraffin wax

In the process of modeling or coating, paraffin wax products are in a hot melting state for a long time and are in contact with air.

If the consistency is not good, they will easily oxidize and spoil, the color will fade and even emit a scent. In addition, paraffin wax will turn yellow when used in light conditions. 

Therefore, paraffin wax needs good thermal stability, oxidation stability and light stability.

The main factors that affect the stability of paraffin wax are the trace amounts of non-hydrocarbon compounds and melted aromatic hydrocarbons.

To improve the stability of paraffin wax it is necessary to deep refine the paraffin wax to remove these impurities.

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