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How to choose right paraffin wax to make candles?
The advantage of Soy Wax For Candle Making

What kind of life is considered a good life? It’s not necessarily expensive, but it’s definitely not available. Maybe it’s just a cup of delicious coffee, a bite of soft and fragrant croissant, or a cup of scented candles that let people see the good life. I saw this sentence on the Internet some time ago. I really like it. Yes, scented candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life, whether it is while reading a book quietly, or drinking a cup of scented tea. At that time, when it’s time to soak in a comfortable hot bath, light a scented candle and smell the faint scent. All the troubles will be forgotten, and the whole person will be relaxed and in a beautiful mood~

Scented candles, which contain natural plant essential oils, emit a pleasant fragrance when burned. Depending on the essential oils formulated, they have the functions of beauty and health care, soothing nerves, purifying air, and eliminating odors. In the market, we can see many scented candles with rich appearance and beautiful colors.

1.What is soy wax flakes for scented candles?
As we may know, there are many types of waxes used for candle making, and soy wax flakes could be the most popular type.
Soy wax flakes for scented candles refers to the wax produced from hydrogenated soybean oil. It is the main raw material for making craft candles, essential oils and scented candles

The advantages of soy wax flakes: low price, cup wax does not fall off the cup, the column wax has a fast cooling speed, easy to demold, does not crack, the pigment is evenly dispersed, and does not bloom. The burning time is 30-50% longer than that of paraffin wax. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will not produce carcinogens when burned, and the waste can be biodegradable. Save heat source, which is conducive to the safe production of operators.

2.Why we use soy wax flakes for scented candles?
A.Excellent candle moulding effect. The appearance can be smooth for just once moulding, which could be easier for beginners.
B.Long-lasting scent. The soy wax carry more fragrance and keep for longer.
C.Larger viscous. The candle made by this soy wax won’t be off the jar easily.

3.How to use soy wax flakes for scented candles?
1.Soy wax flakes 2. Your favorite aromatic essential oil 3. Candle cup 4. The pot used for heating in water, lamp core (slightly thick cotton thread), chopsticks, tape Production process: 1. Put the soybean wax into a heat-resistant container Heat over water. If you want the candle to have some color, you can put in some crayon shavings for dyeing at this time. 2. After fixing the lamp core with tape on the bottom of the model or paper box or paper cup, straighten the lamp core and roll the other end of the lamp core on the chopsticks, and put the chopsticks on the model or paper box or paper cup . 3. Slowly pour the melted beeswax into the model or paper box or paper cup. When the surrounding changes to a thin white color, add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. 4. After the soy wax has completely solidified and the temperature has cooled down, you will get your favorite scented candle

4.Where to buy soy wax flakes for scented candles?
Dongke is the candle making one stop supplier, and we have been working on this for more than 13 years. We welcome all inquiries for vegetable wax, and you can send us email or call directly.

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