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What will you need for making candles with soy wax flakes?
soy wax pellets
Soy wax flakes for scented candles

How to choose right paraffin wax to make candles?

1) What is paraffin?

Paraffin, which is also a crystalline wax, is colorless, white, transparent and greasy. Its melting point is about 48-66 degrees Celsius. Soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in benzene, chloroform and ether. Lubricating oil obtained from crude raw materials is distilled and the oil is broken down, the solvent is filtered, the solvent is dissolved or the glass freezes, the wax is removed by soaking the mass, the solvent is removed and cooked in crushed ice or a needle. will be clean. paraffin.

Paraffin is divided into three types according to the size of the polishing process: fully polished paraffin, semi-hot paraffin and wax. Completely pure paraffin and semi-pure paraffin have various applications. It is mainly used as a packaging material for food products, such as efficient kitchen utensils, cosmetic raw materials or electrical insulation, protects products or strengthens rubber from aging and improves elasticity, is made of waxed paper, pencils, candles, carbon paper and more. In addition, due to the relative content of barium in crude oil, it is mainly used for the production of small quantities (easy to compete with gas exchange with hydrocarbons), cardboard, canvas and the like.

2) Regular use of paraffin

Paraffin is most often used to make candles. Candles were mainly used for lighting, but light bulbs were gradually replaced after the Industrial Revolution, and most candles are now used as a backup light source during power outages. Candles are also used on holidays or special days and in religious places, such as monasteries or events, where nuns often celebrate Mass in various places. There are three ways to make candles: the first – wax mold, which is divided into plastic, tin and sand; Secondly, the wax machine; The third spark plug fills the engine. We see that burning wax is not purified from burning hard paraffin, but from lighter cotton thread, and the dissolved heat from hard paraffin dissolves and evaporates again, forming flammable vapors. The light exploded instantly and white smoke appeared. Use a match to light a small amount of white smoke to restore the light so that the white smoke looks like solid paraffin vapor that forms fine particles when condensation occurs.

3) Which paraffin will be the best?

Depending on the amount of filtered paraffin, most paraffin is a semi-finished product and fully fired wax and paraffin wax. The oil content refers to the amount of liquid hydrocarbons contained in paraffin wax. Depending on the amount of decor, fully refined paraffin has the lowest oil content (less than 0.5%), semi-smooth paraffin oil (0.5% -1.5%) and crude paraffin with the highest oil content (0.5 % – 1.5%). more than 2%). Too much oil will affect the color, stability and texture of paraffin, as well as reduce its hardness. If the resistance is poor, it is easily oxidized and spoils, and the color becomes darker and even smelly.

Therefore, greasy wax must be removed by vacuum cutting to reduce the sweat or solvent content. However, most paraffin products require a small amount of oil, which helps emphasize the shine and beauty of these products. Properly polished semi-baked cinnamon and paraffin have a variety of uses, including waxed paper, pencils, wax, and charcoal. Dongke buyers buy fully lit paraffin candles and partial candle handles for candle making. Countries that buy fully polished paraffin include Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Half of the paraffin in the wax trade covers Colombia and Indonesia. Turkey, UAE, Japan, Vietnam, etc. In the general situation, customers choose fully polished paraffin oil due to its low oil content, good burning stability and long burning. If the oil content is low, the burning of wax paraffin is slow, and an ordinary wax stick 20 cm thick can burn continuously for about 4 hours.

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