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How to choose right paraffin wax to make candles?

What will you need for making candles with soy wax flakes?

Winter came. Very soon everyone’s favorite New Year’s mood will come, we will bustle about choosing gifts for our loved ones and will try to give our home a touch of New Year’s mood.

Eco-friendly container candles made of soy wax are perfect for both a gift and for home decoration at such a time, which we will do with you today.

Container for making candles with soy wax flakes

First of all, you need to choose a container – a container for our future candle.

This can be a special jar for pouring candles, or it can be a glass from your home service. It all depends on your imagination.

Wick for making candles with soy wax flakes

After deciding on the container for the candle, it is necessary to choose the right wick, which is extremely important for the combustion process. For a container of each size, wicks must be selected individually, because they come in different sizes.

The size of the wick primarily affects the size of the flame.

It is necessary that the flame be large enough to melt the wax over the entire surface of the candle, in this case there will be a uniform release of the fragrance and a neatly solidified wax. If the wick is too thin, the flame will not be large enough and the wax will be heated by the “Tunnel”, i.e. a pool will form around the wick and burn down too quickly.

With the right wick, tunnels can also form if you extinguish the candle too quickly. After lighting, allow a little time for the top layer to melt completely.

Flavoring for making candles with soy wax flakes

Naturally, when producing a scented candle, you will need a fragrance, they are divided into 3 types:

Natural essential oils.

It is a natural scent; due to the complex chemical composition, they have a positive effect on the psychoemotional state. A big minus – if the oil is of poor quality, then it can release carcinogens when heated.

Natural perfume for candles.

The fragrance is created in laboratory conditions from natural ingredients.

Synthetic fragrances.

The fragrance was created in laboratory conditions from synthetic components.

The advantage of fragrances is that they are made specifically for use in candle lighting, i.e. initially implying strong heating. Therefore, from the above, we recommend using natural candle fragrances.

Dye for making candles with soy wax flakes

If desired, the candle can be tinted. This can be done with children’s paraffin crayons (paraffin with already added dye), this is not the best way, because it is still paraffin, and our goal is an environmentally friendly candle. There are special dyes for candles that, when burned, do not emit harmful substances and give an even and beautiful color.

Label for making candles with soy wax flakes

On candles, labels look very beautiful, on which you indicate the name of your brand in the case of making candles for sale or a wish to a loved one, if you make a candle as a gift. You can order such a sticker-label at any printing house near your home.

Container for melting soy wax flakes

Any stainless steel container can be used to melt the wax.

There are special wax jugs available at many candlestick stores.

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