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Benefits of soy wax for candle making

The benefits of soy wax for candle making have convinced many manufacturers to use soy wax for candle making for their products. Soy is a terrific candlestick material, but it’s important to read the labels and understand exactly what you are buying. Let’s figure it out together.

1.About soy wax for candle making

Soy wax for candle making is made from soybeans and is a solid form of hydrogenated soybean oil, making it a natural and renewable product. Unlike paraffin, which is a byproduct of crude oil refining, soy wax for candle making is a relatively pure compound from which candles are made.

2.Benefits of soy wax for candle making candles

There are many benefits to using soy in candle making. Soy can be more expensive than paraffin, but the benefits of the natural material are worth it.

3.Renewable material

Because soybeans are grown extensively, soy wax for candle making is readily available and renewable. Other natural candle waxes, such as beeswax or laurel wax, can be very expensive and limited in supply. On the other hand, soy is an alternative for those who prefer natural, renewable candles.

4.Long lasting candles

Soy wax for candle making burns more slowly and more evenly than paraffin wax, so candles will last longer. Even if you pay a little more for the soybeans, the fact that your candles last longer helps offset the additional costs. The lower temperature also ensures that the smell will last longer, but this tends to depend more on the quality and quantity of the aroma oil than on the warmth of the wax.

5.Clean burning

Candles made from soy wax for candle making will give you a cleaner burning as they produce far less smoke than those made from paraffin wax. And the air will be cleaner and safer, especially for young children and the elderly.

6.Easy to clean

Soy wax for candle making has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, so the wax softens at lower temperatures. If you find that you have spilled soy wax for candle making, it can be cleaned with soap and hot water rather than harsh chemicals.

7.Vegan Soy wax for candle making Candles

A great choice for those with a vegan lifestyle, soy wax for candle making candles are made with 100% organic non-GMO soybean oil. Soybeans are sustainable and candles are 100% biodegradable. You can also find these candles scented with organic and natural essential oils.

8.Soy Candle Scent Facts

Soy candles emit four times less aroma than paraffin candles. This is due to the low melting point. For a good natural flavor, a large amount of the solution must be added. However, many manufacturers are cutting costs by adding more synthetic flavors and other flavor-enhancing chemicals. In expensive candles, in order to leave naturalness, an expensive type of natural wax is added to increase the burning temperature, this helps the natural release of the rich aroma of essential oil without the use of chemical compounds. When choosing, pay attention to the price and composition.

9.Soy wax for candle making against paraffin wax

The melting point of soy wax for candle making is lower than paraffin wax and provides a longer burning time than paraffin candles. One of the reasons many people have given up on paraffin candles is because paraffin candles are unhealthy and soy candles are a healthier choice.

10.Candle selection

Another reason for choosing soy candles is to be environmentally conscious, as paraffin candles are made from petroleum. If you want to reduce your use of fossil fuels, you can opt for soy candles instead of paraffin wax.

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