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The Paraffin Wax Information

Today I will mainly introduce you to paraffin wax related information, hoping to open the door to new projects for friends who are interested in paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax material

The firstly important paraffin wax information is paraffin wax material.Paraffin wax is our main product. Just like its name, the main source of paraffin wax is petroleum and other mineral products. The formation of paraffin wax is achieved through various refining and purification. So to a certain extent, paraffin wax is non-renewable Resources. This also shows to a certain extent the preciousness of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax shape

The next important paraffin wax information is paraffin wax shap,There are two main types of paraffin wax, one is granular shape, and the other is plate shape, which can meet the needs of various customers, but usually paraffin wax is mostly plate shape, which is not only more convenient for packaging, but also for shipment. Time is more space-saving. Of course, there are also different customers who want granular, which is what we can provide.

Paraffin wax packing

Next paraffin wax information is packing.we have two main pachages.bags and carton.The bagged paraffin is 50kg per bag, and the boxed paraffin is 25kg per carton. Under normal circumstances, the bagged one is more popular, not only because the cost is better, but its size is also better when it is transported.Therefore, when choosing packaging, it is recommended that everyone choose bag.

The paraffin wax production

The production factory is also an important paraffin wax information.Currently we have 3 main production plants, namely Daqing refinery, Dalian refinery and Fushun refinery.These places are also China’s main oil production areas, and the output of oil is relatively large, so it is also a large amount of paraffin wax production. At present, our main refinery is the Fushun refinery. The Fushun refinery is currently the most stable and the largest refinery in production. Daqing and Dalian are also important parts, but it may not be stable in production and manufacturers, so At present, our main refinery is still Fushun。

The paraffin wax use

As a derivative of petroleum, paraffin wax usually exists as a fuel like petroleum. It is a burning fuel, usually made into candles, and is the most common candle fuel. It is also the most expensive fuel. The hardness of paraffin wax is relatively large, and it can be used when it is made into candles alone without other additives. Rod wax and column wax are very good finished products. In addition, paraffin wax is also a very good waterproofing agent and adhesive. Some customers will use paraffin wax with different oil content for other operations. These are also allowed.

The paraffin wax melting

As mentioned earlier, paraffin wax has different melting points and oil content. As a one-stop paraffin wax service provider, we can provide all common melting point paraffin waxes on the market, 52-64 are all possible. In terms of oil content, we have 0.8%, 1.5%, and 2%, which can meet different usage and dosage.

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