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Why do you use water reducing agent in construction?

(1) Direction and distribution of dampers

A water damper is a combination that can reduce the water used for mixing while keeping the original crack intact. Contains polycarboxylates. After adding lignosulfonate concrete mixture, polymer formaldehyde naphthalene sulfonate, etc., it can increase efficiency, reduce water consumption and increase water flow of concrete mixture. Or reduce cement use and save cement.

Paper is also divided into liquid and powder. Water content is typically 20%, 40% (also called alcohol), 60% and powder content is typically 98%, depending on the ability of the water reducing agent to reduce and activate water. Commonly divided into water-reducing substances. (also known as plasticizers replaced by lignosulfonates), superplasticizers (also known as superplasticizers, e.g. naphthalene-based, melamine-based, sulfate-based, aliphatic, etc.) and high water-reducing agents. (expressed as a water reducing agent containing polycarbonate) It is further divided into initial type, shoot type, and delayed type.

Break by material:

For example, lignosulfonates;

B. polycyclic aromatic salts;

All. Soluble Sulfonate Resin

Naphthalene plasticizer, aliphatic plasticizer, amine plasticizer, polycarboxylic acid plasticizer, etc.

(2) Role of water reducing agent and precautions for use

Fast speed, time saving, high efficiency. Increase heat consumption and save energy without harming the environment. Raw material storage tanks, drip tanks and long-term mechanical silos are all new chemicals. Reduced training of high-strength depositors with high-quality anti-corrosion properties has been reported. and operational benefits Improve concrete performance to match construction site performance. Improve the water-cement ratio, reduce water consumption and increase the strength of concrete without change. Optimal cement laying cost reduction Improve mixing efficiency and reduce cost It can improve the stone’s special performance, waterproof, antifreeze, fire resistance and other properties.

Pay attention to the variety of clay choices. In terms of raw materials, cement has a positive effect on external raw materials. Many types of cement can act as water-reducing agents and increase water-reducing agents. In particular, water-reducing effect of water-reducing agent A water softener with a higher effect than cement is preferred. Different types of cement have different water-repellent properties. Choose the right water manager. Water softener is suitable for almost all stones. Instead, the selection should be based on engineering, construction and building requirements. For example, absorbents are often used in concrete and equipment. The superplasticizer is used for high-strength concrete. Use a humidifier or heat exchanger at room temperature.

(3) Why use polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent?

Improvement of plastic holding capacity Initial and final reinforcement and prevention or reduction of cracks after mortar settlement and hardening. The stability of the product is good. No stratification or sedimentation during long-term storage. Does not crystallize at room temperature. This product is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. And it is a good product for the environment without formaldehyde. After mixing, the air content of the stone increases (usually 3%-6%), which is effective to increase the performance and life expectancy of the stone. The vaccine must be added to the container. The ability to use stones is very good. There are no cracks or smearing, the color of the gemstone is the same, and when used for manufacturing small gemstones, the filling material is excellent and mixing is easy. Excellent compatibility with cement and additives due to good adaptability Good adaptability to heat and good compatibility with various types of cements and additives

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