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100% natural soy wax for candle making

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax produced from soybeans. Soy wax is mainly used to make candles. Its melting point is 45-52 degrees. Smokeless and tasteless when burned. The melting point of soybean wax is longer than that of paraffin wax, and it melts well and emits fragrance when burned. It is an ideal material for the production of scented candles.

However, it is rare to use soy wax to produce scented candles, mainly because soy wax is more expensive than paraffin wax and the production process is not mature enough. According to the different melting point, soybean is divided into soft wax and hard wax. Soy wax with a melting point of 45 degrees is called soft soy wax.

It is prominent, soft in texture, easy to liquefy, and can be used for full body massage. The setting is slow, so the decorative sail can extend the setting time and is easy to operate. It can also prevent shrinkage and cracking of finished products caused by low temperature in winter.

It is the main raw material for DIY scented candles and wax tablets in winter. Soy wax with a melting point of 52 degrees is called hard soy wax and is in the form of flakes. The finished product is hard and solidified. The speed is faster and the range of use is wider.


100% pure soy wax, light milk flavor, no additives, safe and environmentally friendly, can be used by pregnant women and babies. Melting point 52 degrees, easy to melt, no black smoke, the first choice for fire-resistant scented candles.

soy wax for candle making

Soy wax method for making candles:

The first step: raw material preparation. Put the soy wax into a stainless steel container and heat it to melt completely, then heat to 90°C and mix well to obtain a liquid wax.

The second step: mold forming. Pour the mixed wax liquid into a stainless steel mold with a wax core, first apply salad oil on the inner wall of the mold; after cooling, fill the surface with liquid wax above 90°C, and leave the mold after cooling. Pure soy wax candles.

Advantages of soy wax candles

1. Soy candles are natural (made from vegetable oil-100% soy)

2. Compared with paraffin candles, soy candles are non-toxic because they contain petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products

3. The burning time of soy candles can be extended by 30% to 50%, and it is environmentally friendly

4. Soy candles burn more cleanly (because they do not produce too much black smoke)

5. The smell of soy candles is much stronger

6. Natural moisturizers are suitable for skin and have healing and soothing properties because they are easily absorbed by the skin.

Soy wax refers to a wax made from hydrogenated soybean oil.

It is the main raw material for making handmade candles, essential oils and scented candles.

The advantages of soybean wax: low price, cup wax does not drop, column wax cooling speed is fast, easy to demould, does not break, the pigment is evenly dispersed, and does not bloom.

The burning time is 30-50% longer than that of paraffin wax. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not produce carcinogens when burned, and the waste may be biodegradable. Saving heat sources is beneficial to the safe production of operators.

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