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How to melt paraffin wax

oday I will introduce the instructions of our paraffin wax to you.I hope these simple guide will give you a new understanding about the paraffin wax and candle and build a new journey of life.

How to melt paraffin wax

First,as we all know the paraffin wax is the main material for candles,and usually it is solid or granule,But the candles are of different shapes, so if we want to make the paraffin to complete the perfect change of the candle, we first need to perform related operations on the paraffin.

The first is to melt the paraffin and turn the paraffin from solid to liquid in order to perform more operations on paraffin. We all know that paraffin wax has different melting points, and these melting points can usually be reached easily, so the main method of melting paraffin wax is to heat the wax, and finally achieve the effect of melting wax.

For large candle factories, a large number of candles are produced every day, so a large amount of paraffin wax is used, and a large amount of melted paraffin wax is used, so a good wax melting tool is especially important. This product is the wax melting machine.

paraffin wax

Melting machine

Professional wax melting tools are very beneficial to candle production. As a company that integrates candle production, we can of course also provide this product.

Usually we can provide 3 kinds of wax melting machines, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg. Usually put the wax directly into the wax melting machine and turn on the power. When the heat reaches the melting point of paraffin, the paraffin will become liquid.

paraffin wax

How to make the candle

When the paraffin melts, it is time to make candles. To produce candles by melting paraffin, the best paraffin production tool is a manual candle machine.

The manual candle machine is a flat surface with many candle-shaped holes, and then pour the melted wax into the candle machine and wait for the candle to solidify. Then remove a layer of wax on the surface. Then you can open the mold and take out the candle.

Of course, we also have other candle production tools. Other candle machines, such as fully automatic candle machines, are not only more efficient than manual candle machines, but also greatly improved in terms of manpower.

And the automatic candle machine does not need to melt the candle, it can achieve the effect of candle molding directly by squeezing. Either wax block or wax powder can be completed.

The above is our paraffin wax melting and making information.As an important regulating tool in our lives, candles can not only enrich our lives but also enrich our spirits.

Therefore, the candle industry has become more and more prosperous. I hope that more and more right people will invest in the candle industry. We will also become your best partner. We can provide you with all candle related services and products.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation.

paraffin wax
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