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The form of the Soy wax- flakes

As we all know,now the material of candle is paraffin wax usually.Because the paraffin wax has more long time history.But with the progress of the times and people’s yearning for a better life, people are not limited to the fixed shape and raw materials of the candle before. People are more yearning for healthier and safer candles. Soy wax appeared at this time. It brought new experiences and feelings to people.

The material of the soy wax

Basically, the raw material of soybean wax is just like his name. The main raw material is soybean oil. Some operations are performed from the oil to obtain soybean wax.

And our soybean wax is made of 100% soybean oil, so our Soy wax is pure soy wax, which is the healthiest and greenest state.I can’t all soy wax in the market,I can only tell you all our soy wax is 100% pure soy wax.

The forms of the soy wax

After introducing the raw materials of soy wax, I will introduce the appearance and forms of soy wax. This is also the most intuitive feeling of soy wax.Under normal circumstances, we currently have two main shapes of soy wax, flake and granular. Flake is our most common shape.

Compared with granular, flake is more convenient to melt because of its The contact surface will be wider, the heating will be more convenient, and the heat energy will be more saved.

The granular soy wax is mostly semi-circular small particles, and its volume will be smaller, and some countries will prefer the granular form. As a supplier with 20 years of experience, we of course have both shapes. So whatever you want, we can provide you.

The melting of the soy wax

Next, I will introduce you to the melting point of soybean wax. At present, the melting points we provide are mainly 50-degree soybean wax and 58-degree soybean wax. As the main raw material for candles, our customers can use 50-degree soybean wax.

The uses of the soy wax

In terms of use, the main purpose of soy wax is to make candles. However, due to the melting point of soy wax and the characteristics of the raw materials, the candles it makes are not our ordinary common pole waxes, but mostly cup waxes.

Because the melting point of soy wax is relatively low, and its state is relatively soft, it is not possible to make candles without support alone.

We need some cups to support its appearance. Of course, if you really want to use soy wax alone to make rod wax or other waxes, you need to add some paraffin wax to help it.Usually our adding ratio is 20%, of course, if you have your own better choice and formula, we can all operate.

In summary, our soybean wax is excellent in terms of quality and service. No matter what you need, I will try my best to help you and look forward to your reply.

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Chat with us
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Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
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