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I need refined paraffin wax
fully refined paraffin wax
What is paraffin wax?

What is soy wax and where is it used?

Soy wax appeared on the market relatively recently and immediately took the leading position among environmentally friendly products. The wax is made from organic components and is used for the manufacture of aromatic, massage candles and cosmetics: cream, lipstick, soap, solid perfumes.

Soy wax is usually sold as milky flakes that are odorless. This substance melts easily at 50 ° C and mixes well with fatty acids and essential oils.

How is soy wax obtained?

Soy wax is a plant-based product that is obtained from soybean oil. After pressing, the oil is refined, clarified and hydrogenated, as a result of which it hardens and remains in this state even at room temperature. Hydrogenated soybean oil is also called soy wax. This substance does not contain phosphatides, coloring pigments, hydrophilic or soap components. When melted, soy wax takes on a pleasant, oily consistency.

The properties of soy wax began to be talked about in the 90s of the last century, thanks to entrepreneur Michael Richards, who founded a company for the production of natural candles. Using beeswax proved to be quite expensive, and Michael began experimenting with various vegetable oils and fats. Soy wax turned out to be the most suitable and convenient for work. Several soy wax blends were soon developed, with a low melting point for container candles and cosmetics, and a higher melting point for molded candles.

What is special about soy wax candles?

Soy wax candles are popular with health enthusiasts and aromatherapists. Why?

Soy candles are safe for health: they do not smoke and do not emit harmful substances during combustion (unlike paraffin candles).

Soy wax candles burn about 50% longer than comparable candles made from other materials.

Soy wax mixes well with oils, flavors, dyes, and other types of wax. It does not have its own odor and therefore does not overpower the smell of essential oils, which allows it to be used for aromatherapy and aromatization of the room.

The candle burns evenly and, when melted, forms the largest possible puddle around the wick. The larger the surface of the hot wax, the more efficiently the essential oils evaporate.

Soy wax stains can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

There are two main categories of soy wax: for container and for molded candles. Soy wax for container candles is specially designed to adhere well to the walls of any container. It has a lower melting point and is often used to make massage candles. And soy wax, intended for column candles and silicone molds, does not adhere to the container and will lag well with the walls of the mold.

Therefore, if you decide to start making candles or cosmetics based on soy wax, pay attention not to its brand. It is easy and safe to work with this material, moreover, you can create a product that suits your skin and will bring a lot of positive emotions.

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