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I need refined paraffin wax

Why I need refined paraffin wax?

With the gradual development of modern technology, industrial refined paraffin wax is a product of technological development, which is refined in traditional industries. It can be used in all walks of life, and it is also a ubiquitous raw material in our lives. Because a large number of objects need to be made of stone, what use does industrial paraffin have?

What is refined paraffin wax?

Industrial paraffin is a hydrocarbon mixture extracted from petroleum and shale oil. The main component is solid alkane, which is odorless and a white or light yellow translucent solid. Industrial paraffin can be used to make fiberboard, matches, etc. Paraffin wax can be used to make solvent dewaxing or wax paste. It can also be used to make higher fatty acids, matches, candles, ointments, electrical insulating materials, waterproofing agents, and so on. The addition of polyolefin to refined paraffin wax increases the melting point, and has higher flexibility and adhesion. It can be used for the production of surface coatings such as moisture and water resistance and candles. Refined paraffin wax can also be made into wax paper, and it can also be added to cotton yarn. At the same time, industrial paraffin wax can also be made into dispersing agents, greases, emulsifiers, detergents, etc.

Therefore, refined paraffin wax is mostly used to make fiberboards, matches, detergents, etc., and can also be made into wax paste for waterproof and moisture-proof functions. The uses of refined paraffin wax are quite numerous.

Main application for refined paraffin wax

1.Can produce chemical products, such as chlorinated paraffins, pesticide emulsifiers, fertilizer additives, etc.;

2. It can be used for liquid mosquito coils, and the refined paraffin oil is mildly toxic and can repel mosquitoes;

3. It has good oil-soluble properties and is used for electrical discharge machining oil, base oil for special anti-rust oil, and metal processing base oil;

4. Used in aluminum rolling fluid, oil for handicrafts, metal cleaning agent;

5. Used in plastic rubber solvent, textile auxiliary base oil, printing and dyeing ink solvent, dewaxing solvent;

6. Used in some hot pot bottom materials, oils, instant vermicelli and some inferior barreled instant noodles (barrel walls) containing such substances, even some convenient chopsticks and paper cups can also be found in the presence of industrial paraffin;

7. At present, after immersing the paper in refined paraffin wax, various wax papers with good waterproof performance can be prepared, which can be used in packaging, metal rust prevention and printing industries;

8. The addition of polyolefin to liquid paraffin will increase the melting point and increase the flexibility and adhesion. It can be used for surface coatings such as moisture-proof and waterproof and the production of candles;

9. After refined paraffin wax is put into cotton yarn, it can make the textile soft, smooth and elastic;

10. Refined paraffin wax can also be used to make detergents, dispersants, plasticizers, lubricants, etc., and can also be used to make fiberboards and matches.

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