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Paraffin wax

Today I will give you a detailed introduction to our paraffin wax related knowledge, and I hope that interested customers can actively contact us.

What is paraffin?

Paraffin wax is a kind of petroleum processing product. Paraffin wax is non-crystalline, but has obvious crystal structure. There is also artificial paraffin. It is a flake or needle-shaped crystal obtained by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, or freezing crystallization of wax, pressing and dewaxing of lubricating oil fraction obtained from crude oil distillation, and then solvent deoiling and refining. Used to make higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, matches, candles, waterproofing agents, ointments, electrical insulating materials, etc.

The main components of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is a mixture of solid higher alkanes, the molecular formula of the main component is CnH2n+2, where n=17~35. The main components are straight-chain alkanes, there are a small amount of individual branched alkanes and monocyclic cycloalkanes with long side chains; straight-chain alkanes are mainly n-docosane (C22H46) and n-octadecane (C28H58) .

Classification and function of paraffin wax

1. Microcrystalline paraffin wax

Microcrystalline paraffin wax is mainly composed of chain hydrocarbons, cycloalkanes and some straight chain hydrocarbons, and the molecular weight range is about 500-1000. This is a relatively small crystal, soluble in non-polar solvents, but insoluble in polar solvents.

2. Liquid paraffin wax

There are many types of liquid paraffin, and their lubricating effects are also different. In the extrusion process, the initial lubrication effect is good, and the thermal stability is also good. However, due to poor compatibility, the product tends to become sticky when the dosage is too much.

3. Polyethylene wax

Polyethylene wax refers to low-molecular-weight polyethylene or partially oxidized low-molecular-weight polyethylene with a molecular weight of 1500-25000. It is in the form of granules, white powder, lumps and milky white wax. Has excellent fluidity, electrical properties, and mold release properties.

4. Semi-refined paraffin wax

It is a granular white solid whose relative density increases with the rise of melting point. The product has good chemical stability, moderate oil content, good moisture-proof and insulating properties, and good plasticity. The candle produced by semi-refined paraffin wax has a concentrated flame, no smoke and no tears. Used to make candles, crayons, wax paper, general telecommunication equipment and short circuit and light industry, chemical raw materials, etc.

5. Chlorinated paraffin wax

Chlorinated paraffin is golden yellow or amber viscous liquid, non-flammable, non-explosive, and extremely volatile. It is soluble in most organic solvents, but insoluble in water and ethanol. When heated to above 120℃, it will slowly decompose by itself, which can release hydrogen chloride gas, and the oxides of iron, zinc and other metals will promote its decomposition. Chlorinated paraffin is an auxiliary plasticizer for PVC. Low volatility, non-flammable, odorless and non-toxic. This product replaces part of the main plasticizer, which can reduce product cost and reduce combustibility. Mainly used for PVC cable material and water pipe, floor material, film, artificial leather, etc.

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