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Paraffin wax for candles: benefits, harms and difference from beeswax
Melting point of paraffin wax

how to make soy wax candle

What is soy wax for make soy wax candle

It’s easy for you to find any soy wax candle in candle shop, craft shop or some online shop, we may find the candle are in different shapes and scents, and you may have the question as : what is soy wax for make soy wax candle?

Soy wax is kind of natural wax from soybean oil, and as factory we produce the pure soy wax. This is very popular material for make scented candles, the habit for light scented candles with very long history in European market, and customers are prefer to more natural raw materials, so these years more and more factory start to make soy wax candle.

How to make soy wax candle

Actually most kind of candle are in the same way for produce, firstly to prepare jars and wicks, then melt wax and pour in. The soy wax is not quite suitable for pillar candle. Most of buyers for soy wax make soy wax candle as jars candles, and sometimes they will also mix soy wax with coconut wax. Coconut wax is more oily and will help soy wax candle with more smooth surface.

What’s important when make soy wax candle?

Low temperature pouring. Note: It is important to remember to constantly stir the wax when pouring at colder temperatures to prevent it from solidifying.

Dirty surface of the glass container can also cause this problem, so if necessary, clean the glass container before filling it with wax.

Allow the candle to cool naturally at room temperature (18-25 degrees), it may take a little longer, but it is not easy to take off the cup.

What’s the materials for make soy wax candle?

Surely you will need soy wax, then there would be wicks, wick centering devices,fragrance and jars. Above all the materials we can supply to you.For soy wax make soy wax candle, the most popular type as soy wax flakes with melting point as 50. To choose the matchable wicks, we may need the accurate wick size or your jars /container size for recommend wicks. Centering devices usually be offered as regular size. For fragrance oil we have more than 2000 of scents, and our customer could offer the prefered scents acoordingly.

Including natural materials such as soybean wax or beeswax, when burned, not only will the fragrance released be purer, it is not harmful to the environment and human health, and it is healthier and more environmentally friendly. Soy wax has a low melting point, so it can It prolongs the burning time, and the texture of soy wax is softer, which is more suitable for making bottled candles. In fact, the production process of scented candles is not difficult. First, the soy wax must be melted, and after it has cooled, add essential oils. ; The most challenging part is that the temperature of each one must be accurately grasped, otherwise the surface of the candle will not look good. It is best to use good quality essential oils to ensure the quality and durability of soy wax candles. It is best to use good quality essential oils to ensure the quality and durability of soy wax candles.

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