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What is paraffin wax made of

What is paraffin? What is paraffin wax made of?Today I will give you a detailed introduction to those who want to join the paraffin wax trade.

What is paraffin?

Paraffin wax is a kind of chemical product, it is a kind of man-made chemical product. Paraffin wax is a kind of non-polar solvent soluble in gasoline, carbon disulfide, xylene, ether, benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, naphtha, etc. Insoluble in polar solvents such as water and methanol. This is the original definition of paraffin.

What is paraffin wax made of?

Paraffin wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons extracted from some petroleum distillates, shale oil, or other bituminous mineral oils. The main component is a solid alkane, odorless and tasteless, a transparent white or yellow solid. It is the source and process of manufacturing paraffin wax, as mentioned above, and its main source is various minerals such as rocks and rocks, so it is derived from non-renewable resources.

What is paraffin wax made of products?

The next thing to explain is what is paraffin wax used for? Usually the main product and function of paraffin wax is candle making, and candles are also the main products of paraffin wax. Especially in countries where the demand for candles is large, the demand for paraffin wax will be greater.

Other functions of paraffin

In addition to making candles, paraffin wax has also won many other types of work for itself due to its own characteristics, such as waterproof work, so it is usually used in the production of density fiberboard.It plays a very important role in the waterproofness of the board.

Where is the main producer of paraffin wax?

Because the raw materials of paraffin wax are targeted, the producing countries that usually produce paraffin wax are also relative, and its producing countries tend to be those rich in these raw materials. For example, Egypt and China are of course also, in addition, the United States and India also have their own paraffin wax production. However, as a mineral-rich China, the production of paraffin wax is definitely one of the largest in the world. The paraffin wax of the famous Kunlun brand is uniformly produced by our PetroChina, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Where are paraffin waxes mainly produced in China?

In fact, the most famous oil field in China is Daqing, so one of the paraffin production places is Daqing, and the rest are cities in northeast my country, Fushun and Dalian. These cities are also one of the largest paraffin refineries in my country. Our country’s Kunlun paraffin is made by Fushun refinery.

What is the paraffin wax type?

There are also different types of paraffin wax produced, and different standards have different classification methods. In terms of oil content, the lower the oil content, the better the quality for candles. This is called fully refined paraffin, and the oil content is usually below 0.8%. In addition to semi-refined paraffin and crude wax, these The oil content will be higher.

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