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What is the paraffin wax ,This is the first question you need to understand if you want to do a paraffin business.Today I will introduce to you what paraffin is, how paraffin is formed and the types of paraffin currently existing in the world.

First, solve the first question about paraffin wax. What is paraffin wax? Paraffin wax is the common name for solid high-alkane mixtures and is a kind of petroleum processing product. It can be prepared from waxy fractions of natural or artificial petroleum by cold pressing or solvent dewaxing, sweating and other methods. The appearance is a white, odorless waxy solid

Paraffin wax is a bit similar to petroleum as its name implies, and it is indeed a derivative of petroleum. Like petroleum, it is also a chemical product, but it is a product after petroleum refining.

What is the type of paraffin.But there are actually two types of paraffin wax, food-grade paraffin wax and industrial-grade paraffin wax. What we usually call paraffin wax generally refers to industrial-grade paraffin wax, which is also the product we currently sell. The food-grade paraffin is an artificial product, which is relatively small for the human body.

What is the paraffin wax main production countries,At present, many countries in the world produce paraffin waxes of their own national and corporate brands, especially oil-rich countries, such as Egypt, the United States, and of course China are also large paraffin wax manufacturers and exporters.

What is the paraffin wax brand.As today’s protagonist, we naturally want to mainly introduce the paraffin wax produced in China today. The most famous paraffin wax brand in China is Kunlun Paraffin. This paraffin is uniformly produced by PetroChina. In terms of quality, China’s Kunlun is one of the best paraffin waxes in the world, especially the fully refined paraffin, which has very low oil content. All are below 0.8%, which is a very good raw material for making candles.

Of course, in addition to the fully refined paraffin wax used for making candles, we also produce semi-refined paraffin wax and crude wax for other functions. These wax raw materials have higher oil content. In addition to being still used for candles, they can also be used for candles. Used for waterproofing or sealing or bonding.

What is the paraffin wax number.At present, we can provide all numbers of paraffin wax from 54-64. These are also the numbers produced by the Kunlun Paraffin Association. The most popular is the paraffin wax from 56-60. Basically, many countries in the world will choose these numbers of paraffin wax. We are the first-level agent of PetroChina, so most of our paraffin waxes are of Kunlun brand, but we also have our own Dongke brand of paraffin waxes. The numbers are similar to the Kunlun brand, the quality is similar, and the price is indeed cheaper.

Interested friends are very welcome to consult, we will give you the most detailed information, and use the most professional knowledge and products to meet all your requirements.

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