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Choose soy wax for candles

  1. Definition of soy wax for candles

Soy wax for candles also be regarded as soy wax for scented candles. Now in market we can see various types of scented candles.Compared with paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles have many advantages.

candles can create a romantic atmosphere and exude a pleasant aroma, but most candles are made of petroleum-derived products such as paraffin wax, which emit black smoke and chemicals when lit. In contrast, soy candles are cleaner and lighter for longer.

Just like energy-saving light bulbs are more expensive than ordinary light bulbs, soy candles are also more expensive than paraffin wax candles. However, in terms of long-term use, energy-saving bulbs have a significantly longer service life, and the use cost is cheaper than ordinary bulbs; soy candles are the same. So following this trend of soy wax candles, the soy wax for candles is gradually occupying larger market, and more and more customers are eager to know how to Choose soy wax for candles.

Soy Wax

2.Why we choose soy wax for candles?

Compared with ordinary candles, soy candles burn more slowly, and release the essential oils that modulate the fragrance more slowly and gently. Unlike paraffin candles with scented aromas, soy candles do not produce excessive aromas. Therefore, soy candles will not affect people’s sense of smell or taste.

The advantages of soy wax for candles: low price, cup wax does not fall off the cup, the column wax has a fast cooling speed, easy to demold, does not crack, the pigment is evenly dispersed, and does not bloom. The burning time is 30-50% longer than that of paraffin wax. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will not produce carcinogens when burned, and the waste can be biodegradable. Save heat source, which is conducive to the safe production of operators.

3.How to choose soy wax for candles?

You may find bulk of ADS in market for promoting soy wax and also soy wax candle making kits, and do you really know how to choose soy wax for candles?

  1. Excellent candle moulding effect. The appearance can be smooth for just once moulding.

The soy wax candles always with smooth and beautiful surface, somebody may think the surface should be affected by the pouring technology, but actually it can be closely related with quality of soy wax for candles. We suggest for testing of sample to adjust for best performance.

2. Long-lasting scent. The soy wax carry more fragrance and keep for longer. As we all know, there’s 1 really important factor for soy wax for candles: the scents. How much scent the soy wax can carry, and how long time the scent could be keep.

3. Larger viscious. The candle made by this soy wax won’t be off the jar easily. Here we should remind of of our customer: Soy wax for candles is usually for jars candles, not for pillar candles or decorated candles, so soy wax candle should have the advantage for larger visciousso that the candle won’t be off from jars easily.

For more info or question about soy wax for candles, we welcome your inquiry and email, online service for 24h is waiting for you.

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