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Some Knowledge Of Paraffin Wax
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Story of aromatherapy candle

An aromatherapy candle is a kind of a sweet smell to the bedroom of a more traditional way In the quiet night, or you need to create a romantic atmosphere, the candle is one of the indispensable ornament, jumpy blaze and diffuse aroma, with warm feeling, through the aromatic, slow release of tension and busy life Can be placed in the officeAny ideal place, such as residence, is a popular way of incense in Europe and America

Candle in modern life has long been not simply to solve the problem of “burning eyebrows”, it has been an indispensable element to decorate the atmosphere of life. The curl of DIY incense candle can relieve the spirit. In addition, it can purify the air and remove the bacteria in the air. At the same time, it has become the catalyst of life interest and the navigation light of starting a business and becoming rich. With the launch of “DIY candle aroma shop business plan” by sunshine bus, incense candle is becoming popular in China.

For people in developed countries, candles have become a way to adjust their life. 96% of them think that it is very affordable and fashionable to create a relaxed environment at such a low cost. Candles with different shapes, fashionable and warm are no longer used as lighting tools, but for viewing, changing the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, creating fragrance, etc

Craft candle in China is still a blank market, almost no competitors, huge market potential.

Candles are divided into jelly candles, crystal candles, paraffin wax, pearl wax, tea wax.

Making a candle is not as difficult as you think.

Many three-dimensional craft candles are made from molds with a little carving and then coloring. We have designed a variety of models ourselves. The problem of high technical content lies in the molds of three-dimensional candles. It can be used directly after being processed by the mould company.

At the same time, in the pursuit of personality, fashion, unique today, DIY is in vogue. If you open a fashionable candle self-service shop and let the guests make their own candles, wouldn’t it make the new things more fresh? And it emphasizes the pleasure of making. When the guests make beautiful candles, they will appreciate them with heart, which naturally emphasizes the ornamental.

When the aroma is diffused in the room, the effect is displayed on the body–

Respiratory tract: through the sense of smell, through the blood to every part of the body. Because the nasal mucosa is acidic reaction, can effectively absorb material.

Lung exchange: from the respiratory tract into the lungs, by the way of alveolar oxygen delivery from blood vessels to the whole body.

Brain center: the olfactory receptor directly enters into the brain central system, prompting the brain to secrete hormones. Different tastes can promote the brain to secrete different hormones. Hormones themselves are composed of many chemical components, which are transmitted to the cells of various parts of the body, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect.

When it comes to the “therapeutic” effect

Different scented candles emit different aroma, which will also have different effects on the body, such as chocolate, strawberry and blueberry. Because sweetness is the main flavor, it helps to eliminate depression. As for the fragrance of flowers, such as jasmine, rose, Lily and chrysanthemum, all have the function of aphrodisiac, which can eliminate the unhappiness in the heart and accelerate the blood circulation. Some plants, such as lavender, tea tree and cypress, can bring therapeutic effects, calm the body and mind, and have antibacterial effects.

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