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1.What is the candle mould?

Candle molds are used to make candles of various sizes and shapes in candle making. They are necessary to set and harden the hot wax and prevent it from splashing on other surfaces. Candle molds also allow for the creation of interesting shapes for personalized decorations or gifts. Some people choose to make their own candles by buying essential oils and candle making supplies sold as a whole.

 Most candle molds are made of lightweight aluminum, silicone, plaster or plastic. Generally speaking, the candle mold will be separated and divided into two halves, which makes it easier to take out the formed candle. If this is not the case, some people suggest applying vegetable oil to the inside of the mold to make it easier for the candle to slip out. Some candle molds have small holes at the bottom to allow the wick to be threaded continuously-if not, you may need to slide a heated pick, needle or wire in the middle of the candle.

2.How to use the candle mould?

The demoulding operation of candle silicone mold:

1. Before the silicone mold is filled with wax

spray a layer of release agent in the candle silicone mold (Vaseline, detergent and water can also be used). Make sure that the application/spraying in the mold is even, so that it creates an isolation layer, which will help the candle to be demolded more easily after molding. (Note: When choosing a mold release agent, you must choose a mold release agent suitable for the use of silica gel; spraying/brushing the detergent water must be dried with a hair dryer or an air gun to pour the wax slurry).

2. Brushing and spraying the release agent must be even

especially the detail parts of the texture, because the detail parts are often not paid attention to, the product will not be easy to demold when the product is released, and there may be a certain amount of wear on the finished candle. If the candle has a very fine texture and a complicated structure, it is recommended to use a liquid release agent such as detergent to release the mold.

After brushing/spraying the release agent, use a blower/air gun to dry the candle silicone mold. (It is not recommended to use paste release agent, because after applying the release agent to the fine texture parts, it cannot be effectively cleaned up. There will be paste release agent remaining in the mold, and the surface of the product after the mold will be too smooth. Affect the beautiful appearance of the product, and some even need to be processed and repaired, which will be more troublesome)

3. Keep the lower wick still

slowly pour the melted wax slurry into the silicone mold. Avoid splashing on the edge or dumping too fast, which can reduce the generation of more bubbles.

4. After the wax slurry has been poured

it can be demoulded after standing for a few hours. Just follow the operation method and pay attention to the operation matters. Demoulding is relatively simple, and the demoulded candles will be very fine and beautiful.

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