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Superior soy wax.

Soy wax is kind of wax produced with pure soybean oil. There’s long history for making acented candles with soy wax, especially for customers who persue the natural material.

1.Why we use soy wax.

Do you ever seen some beantiful candles with jars? Also decorated with dry flowers and fruit slice. Right now there are many popular scented candles as: attractive jars+ charming scents. Some candles with decoration as Rotating candlestick. The soywax can be seen as the most common and popular type of wax.

This is eco friendly wax from natural plant oil, the wax melting points from 42-60 celsius degree, among which the 50 celsius degree of soy wax flakes sells best. The forms we offer as flakes, granules and block.With the low melting point, soy wax could be very suitable material for DIY candle making set. You may also find there are many kinds of soy wax making kits in Amazon or Ebay.

2.How to use soy wax.

Prepare soy wax flakes and find a furnace with pot, when melt the wax slowly, stirring and melt all the flakes to oil, then it’s time to add fragrance or pigments to color the wax. Wait for it cool down a little bit and then pour into the beautiful glass jar and wait.

We also posted video for how to make candle, and we did live streaming for how to make candles, you may find us in Facebook. In our website, we have article is about the instruction for how to design a good candle by control the temprature and time.

3.What’s the advantages for the new superior soy wax?

Excellent candle moulding effect. The appearance can be smooth for just once moulding, which could be easier for beginners.

Long-lasting scent. The soy wax carry more fragrance and keep for longer.

Larger viscous. The candle made by this soy wax won’t be off the jar easily.

We do have many customers asked about the using of soy wax, and it’s very convenient that you can just use it and get good shape. The excellent thing as we are now doing candle making 1 stop supply. All the mentioned material as wax, wicks,centering devices, fragrance oil, pigments.

We are welcome for the inquiries, and we may need to know your required quantity, any customized packing with logo, if you have shipper in China we can deliver to their warehouse and they ship to you. Or you can also let me know your nearest shipping port, so we can check shipping cost and quote you.

For loading in 1 container as 15 tons, and of course we accept trial order for about 1-2 tons. If you would prefer a free sample for testing, we offer as 500-1000grams, and buyer just cover the delivery cost. For the mentioned materials as fragrance, we offer sample for 3-5 scents, 20ml per scent. For wicks we offer as 50pcs.

Feel free to contact with us.

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Chat with us
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
Please leave your inquiry and your phone. We will give you feedback within 12 hours.
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